Author name: Angele Fourteau

Bonjour ! I'm a french product and interior designer living and working in Paris. I try to express myself through my photographs and I love experimenting with expired and homemade preflash films. I also have the superpower of killing plants without touching them.

A picture of Angele Fourteau's window view and the View Fanzine open

From My Window – By Angele Fourteau

Long story short: I’ve been shooting the same view since 2018 when I first moved to Paris. I just got this little apartment; super small, super old, and super expensive… not much to dream about, except for a priceless free sky window view between buildings which is quite rare in Paris and mostly from a second floor. And this is where it started… I’ve been passionate about this view since the first day I moved in, and I do love sharing photos of it, but, I haven’t noticed that since the covid lockdown…

Empty Paris – Covid 19 & Parisian Walks with a Minox 35ML – Angèle Fourteau

April 2021. France was again in a state quarantine due to Covid 19’s third wave. We were restricted to an area of 10km around home plus a night curfew. From my teeny tiny flat, all I wanted was to get outside and go for a long escaping walk…

Fortunately, I live in Paris, and there is a lot of things to see, and neighborhoods to get lost in.

For all those “10km walks” during this quarantine time, I always grabbed my Minox 35ML.

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