Leica iiic Competition Entires (181-201)

By Hamish Gill

So here they are, the last of the photos entered into the Leica iiic competition. Have a look through, have a browse of the previous posts, and please feel free to let me know which ones you like the most!


Ryan McMahon

This photo was taken on my Konica C35 EF that I picked up from the local goodwill and used some kodax tri-x 400. Scanned at the library. This was some of my first photos created by shooting from the hip.

Photo above

Miriam Woodburn

This is my entry for your competition. It is a photo of my sister on Blackpool beach about two years ago which was taken with a kodak disposable camera (cost: around £6) and then developed at Boots. I have since moved on to more sophisticated methods but this first roll of film started my love affair with analogue photography!


Mark Block

I carry a Olympus MJUii loaded with HP5+ in my pocket ALL the time, so that when I see things like this I don’t miss capturing the moment.


Joy Celine Asto

I bought a Pentax Espio 120 SW from a Japan surplus shop here in Manila for around £ 1.50. I fell in love with this camera at first sight — it was slim, sleek, and handsome, so I decided to get it even if it was sold “as is” and I didn’t get to test it. Luckily for me, it was in perfect working condition! This photo is from a roll of expired Kodak Colorplus 200 which I bought for around £ 0.70, and had it processed and scanned for £ 1.17.


Jasper Leunk

My final shortlist consisted of a photo made with a Olympus XA2 and an Nikon AF600 OneTouch. I preferred the XA2 photo, but… I feel the AF600 camera suits the competition more. I bought it for 10 euro and it’s a real gem. It feels plastic, makes awful electronic noise, I hate I have to turn off flash every time but… the 28mm f/3.5 AF lens renders photos brilliant!

This alley was shot in Wijk bij Duurstede (already existed in the Roman Empire), The Netherlands in may 2013. I was not happy with the Epson V330 scan so did it again today with my Nikon D90 dSLR. I love the result!

mei 2013
Nikon AF600 OneTouch 28mm f/3.5 (10 euro marktplaats.nl)
Fuji Superia 200 (expired, 1 euro thrift store)



Anders Munthe

I took this photo of a good friend of mine. It was taken with the Olympus Af-10 Super on the Tudor XLX 200 and developed at the local photo store in Skive, Denmark.

I got the camera as a gift from a friend of mine, but the cost of the camera is still very low (He bought it for 50 NOK (just over 4GBP) at a second hand market). The film is the cheapest film I could find in a photo shop in Norway, where it cost 20 NOK (1.6GBP) for one roll.

My photography style is a bit different from what I have seen of your work and the other entries, but I hope you like it.



Jesper Leong

This picture was taken with an Olympus mju II which cost SGD$15 dollars, and the film used was expired Tri-X 400 which cost SGD$5. As for the picture itself, it was taken amongst the sunflowers in the mountains of Pak Chong.

Sunflowers at Pak Cheong


Piotr Semberecki

Photo I’m sending here is made with Nikon ZOOM 500AF and Fujifilm Superia 200 ISO. I bought it on flea market. Or more like found it there. It was on the bottom of a bin with mixed electronic stuff. It has a bit broken back cover so sometimes some random light leakage happens but I love it because of that even more. If you need any additional info please, let me know.

Piotr Semberecki 35mm contest

Katarzyna Florek

The photo I’m sending is made on Smena 8M with Fujifilm Superia X-tra 200 iso.

K. Florek


Kam Tom Yip

The camera used was actually given to me by a friend after she heard I was experimenting with film again. The camera I know nothing about, totally plastic with no branding but the “35mm Focus Free” text on the front side. I modified this camera so I could take multiple exposures by simply melting a hole on one side and tying a piece of string to the mechanism to trip the shutter (please refer to camera phone image).

I used a roll of expired Kodak UltraMax 400 film, re-rolled to shoot redscale, and everything was processed at the local 1 hour photo lab.

I shot this in my hometown of Manchester, UK.

Camera (Free) + Film (less than £1) + Dev & Scan (£2) = Total less than £3

Win My Leica Submission - Kam Tom Yip

Erik Mathy

I’ve shot two rolls on this camera, a Yashica 5 Star Auto Focus Motor. It came to me as a Christmas present from my son, via his Mom (my ex) via her (kinda sorta crazy) Aunt’s garage that they were clearing out. It didn’t work at all. I had to do some serious cleaning of the battery contacts since the AA’s had been in there for Heaven knows how long.

So, the image. It’s off the second roll. I commute to San Francisco on the ferry. The boat was docking, I was on the steps to go down from the upper deck, and there it was. Initially I saw a horizontal, took it, but then the vertical popped out at me and I snagged that, too.

If I do get the Leica, it will be perfect to shoot the Eroica California with! I’d already planned on taking an Olympus Pen FT (man but I love those cameras) but a second old school body would allow me to shoot some Tri-X in one and some neat Rollei digibase CR200 slide film in the other.


Marco Polo

Hi, i’m Marco Polo, i’m from Mexico, i’m 18 years old, and my english isn’t very good, and
i’m interested in participate on your competition, but i dont know if is too late for that, well, i send you my photo, was taken with
Konica Dr finder EFP-30 and a Kodak tri-x pushed to 800 developed on d76 1:1
isn’t a very good photo but i try 🙂


Jen Brimmage

I’m sending you a photo taken on TMax 400, in an Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170. The camera cost me $2.50 at a local thrift store, and the film was $5.

More importantly, I snapped a shot of my youngest daughter playing “dress up”. She’s 8 years old, and I try so hard to be stealthy and catch her playing. These are my favorite photos, as I know she’ll look back at these and be transported back to that sweet time in her childhood.

The photo is far from perfect. It’s blurry, but I like that.


Sean Meaney

I shot this photo on a fuji clear shot plus that i picked up on a surf trip in an opshop, i paid $2 aus for it. The image was taken on a birthday trip to New South Wales as we ran across the beach to see the surf on my best friends birthday. the Film used was fuji superia 400 and my local 1 hour photo lab did the processing.



Shot with Pentax Espio IQZoom with Superia 400. The camera was owned by my dad during his teen. I rarely use but I did a test roll on it to see how good it can be. Surprised me well.


Daniel VanDurmen

When I decided to pick an image for this competition, I didn’t think it would be so hard. Not that I have so many images that picking just one is difficult, but after reading the “rules” I discovered I really haven’t used my cheap autofocus cameras all that much. I prefer manual focus, as well as cameras that allow me to manually select what ASA/ISO I’m using. After searching my tags on Ipernity, I found that I’ve sent less than half a dozen rolls through these cameras since returning to film in 2011.

The following image was taken while participating in the Flickr Group “Roll in a Day”. This was a special assignment, having the theme “25 steps”, where one picks a starting place, takes a photo, then walks in any direction, 25 steps. Then repeat until roll is finished. This image came near the middle of the roll.

The camera used was my late eighties Olympus Stylus, not the more sought after f2.8 version, but the more pedestrian (cheaper) 35mm f3.5 version. It really is a delightful little camera, one of the most brilliant designs ever, but like I said, I prefer a camera with a little more control, which is why I’ve only used it a couple of times.

I found this camera at my local charity shop, for just $2 US, and the film also from the same shop for just 79¢. The film was expired Tri-X 400, and I developed it at home in Caffenol C, which wasn’t necessarily the best choice, but after some work I was able to get a decent scan.


Devin Wilson

The title is Ligature. I took it on my Olympus XA2, which I bought at a Salvation Army for $0.50, on a roll of Ilford HP5+. It’s located behind a Target Store in San Rafael, CA. I was taking a walk, and I noticed the contrast between the building’s rectilinear design and the curves of the tire tracks. Fortunately, I had my trusty little XA2 in my pocket. Who needs autofocus?


Gabor Suveg

this photo i taken with Zorki4 / with 50mm lens.
the camera is from 1961. the price of the camera was 4000 huf (9.5 GBP), the lens isn’t perfect, and the body have some optical issue, but the old lady is working well 🙂

the film was FomaPan100, development by myself in xtol.


Brian Trevino

Took this with a disposal camera back in 1999 or 2000 when I spent the summer working on Mackinac Island, MI.


Siskos Ioannis

This picture was taken from a bulky Canon Prima Af-8, which i bought for 5 euros in a second-hand store.
The film i used to take the shot, was the Kodakcolor 200,which i purchased for 2,5 euros.



Hubert Herbut

The photo is taken with Smena Symbol – cheap Soviet compact, which is very popular here in Poland. Back in 70s or 80s every family had one.
This is why Smenas are “lying on the streets” – an average price on the Polish market is about 2 £. I bought mine for 7 £ (far too much!) in a used camera shop cause I wanted to be sure the camera is in excellent working condition and try it before.

I was looking for something cheap and pocketable – I was tired of carrying and taking care of my DSLR. So it was the cheapest one I could get.

In 2012, before my trip to Cologne, exhausted after work, I decided to take only one small backpack with me. No heavy, clumsy digital stuff at all. Only Smena. I bought two rolls of the cheapest Ilford Pan 400 before the train.

I’m not really the kind of a street shooter, but running with this small, simple camera was the real joy for me. And the quality of the photos was a really nice surprise…

This is one of my favourites – taken very early at the morning, with fully opened lens (f4). The negative is Ilford Pan 400, exposed as 1600 ISO. It was pushed in Kodak D76, in a lab (unfortunately I didn’t have much time and space for playing with this back then).


Lola G

I have been shooting film for some years now and even though I always use black and white for my art projects, I normally use color for every-day-life pictures. The picture I send you was taken during last summer holidays. We went to a wild beach called “La Renegà” in the Mediterranean coast of Castellón and we were almost alone in the place.

I had my Olympus Mju II with me, loaded with a super expired Kodacolor that cost me 1€ (1,2 $ aprox). I pointed… shot… and voilà!
Weird colors due to the expired film and a nice memory of the moment!

My dad gave me this Olympus for my birthday when I turned 12 (I’m 26 now) and it was my very first camera. I always used it in my trips when I was 13-14-15. I didn’t use it for a while when digital arised. Now that I’m a film shooter I always have it in my bag, ready to capture good memories of my daily life.

I wouldn’t get more than 10€ if I wanted to sell it, but to me this camera is priceless. It was a gift from my dad, it is my first camera, and it has captured so many rolls full of memories within the last 2 years. It’s like a faithful fellow.



So thats the lot. Phew …
I just have the task of picking ten favourites now. I’m also collecting my thoughts on this whole experience, so hope to share that with you soon too! In the meanwhile, as I say, please feel free to chip in with your thoughts on which photos you would pick if you were in my shoes!



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lu on Leica iiic Competition Entires (181-201)

Comment posted: 07/03/2015

favourites 4,8,13,17

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miriam on Leica iiic Competition Entires (181-201)

Comment posted: 07/03/2015

Nice to see my shot posted! a lot of amazing entries here, I do like Anders' picture the most I think though :)

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ehpem on Leica iiic Competition Entires (181-201)

Comment posted: 07/03/2015

Here are my picks, in no particular order, and needing a finer mesh filter to reduce the number.
I tried to put links in to the image, but was accused of spamming :)

If I had to choose just one, it would be Simon Deans beautiful shot:

Kam Tom Yip

Sean Meaney

Devin Wilson

Russel Larson

Lee Basford

Justice Hyde

Amanda Raney


Łukasz Furczyk

William Vink

Jakkapat Kosoltrakul

Stéphanie Mégny

Milos Markovic

Robin Geys

Andrea Ingram

Francesco Rossini

Michael Ivnitsky

Neal Westergaard

Carlo Maccheroni

Þórir Jensson

Luca Tommaso Cordoni

Urban Hafner

Marcin Mielniczuk

Patrick Cheung

Oswaldo Guadarrama


Simon Dean

Justin Wolfe

James Davies

Blake Sabo

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Maulana Randa on Leica iiic Competition Entires (181-201)

Comment posted: 09/03/2015

My favourite from this batch is Erik Mathy

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