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A Lomochrome Turquoise Experience – Guest post by Hugo Mireles (Gran Angular)

Around December 2015 I decided to try a roll of LomoChrome. I went with my good friend Hugo Alvarez (Lomo Ambassador in Mexico), and thanks to the discounts I gave myself and my camera a Christmas present – 1 turquoise roll and 1 purple roll. I felt so happy, I was like a child on Christmas morning!

After a lot of weeks thinking about rare colors and possible mystery results; wondering “how am I gonna use these films?”, I just took my Olympus mju-ii and said: “who cares, load that film in the camera, go out and shoot as a routine day”. These are the results from the roll of Lomochrome Turquoise:

These are the frames I got on the streets:

olympus mju-ii & lomochrome turquoise

olympus mju-ii & lomochrome turquoise

My first photos with lomochrome turquoise started one day when I walked to a popular market from a few blocks of my workplace to get some morning tacos with my coworkers. Sorry to my colleagues, who had to stop a few time in the journey because I was trying to take a photo.

olympus mju-ii & lomochrome turquoise

olympus mju-ii & lomochrome turquoise

Days after the taco expedition, I went to a rolling market with my dear Andrea to get some pancakes, fresh vegetables and one big & cold orange juice – I brought my camera and took a few photos in the process. But Andrea gets scared a lot when I walk next to her and I bring any type of camera because she thinks someone gonna kick my ass or maybe the police will arrest me. So I only got one photo on the rolling market expedition.

olympus mju-ii & lomochrome turquoise

As usual, I always carry one camera with me and I take advantage of her when ever I can. Thanks to wide angle lens, distance is not a common problem to get great images, specially when I’m driving – but don’t get mad with me, I’m pretty prudent driver, haven’t caused a car accident.

olympus mju-ii & lomochrome turquoise

olympus mju-ii & lomochrome turquoise

My last photos with Lomochrome Turquoise were in “Ecological Park La Huasteca” where I think I got the best images with this roll. How did I get there? This place is very famous in my city, especially on weekends because you can just use the big road to run or ride your bicycle to get to it. This park has great mountains, fresh air an a riverside. You’ll also find places to climb, camp and some off-road routes for all the 4×4 intrepid.

But the true is, I go there to get some weekend food – you can find all kinds of cocktail fruit and amazing roasted corns.

olympus mju-ii & lomochrome turquoise

olympus mju-ii & lomochrome turquoise

Some thoughts on experimenting

I think we waste a lot of time thinking about what we going to do when we get new ideas – especially with experimental scenarios like this. I mean I spent a lot of weeks thinking how to shoot this roll of Lomochrome Turquoise – almost 6 weeks in fact. But photography is about experimenting, we need to be out of the road sometimes to discover and achieve new ways to show our work; we can’t always be the same.

So, go out to streets and never stop practicing and experimenting – try with different rolls & cameras, new lenses, change your light conditions, kind of photography or photo scenes, but never be afraid to try something new!

-Gran Angular.

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  • Reply
    Dan James
    May 8, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    Some very interesting results, like stills from an old sci-fi movie.

    Did you try the purple role yet?

  • Reply
    Frank Lehnen
    May 12, 2017 at 6:47 am

    Very nice results. I never thought of trying these films but your work makes me want to… Thanks!

  • Reply
    May 14, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    I have scanned a roll of lomochrome purple for a friend, and I can say those are really fun films, as you can’t know what the results will look like! I scanned with my reflex+macro, so that I had raw files, and tinkering with white balance you can make the picture look rather normal or completely purple! So in that case there’s a little of margin to play to achieve what your expectations were when you took the picture. Anyway from what I can see from those pictures the turquoise seems to have more extravagant colors compared to the purple one, but it may be due to the scan or exposure (or lack of, he used a diana mini, always 1/60 and f/8 or f/16!).

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