Lomography Film

Nikon FE and Lomo Earl grey 100

5 frames with the Lomo Earl Grey 100 and the Nikon FE

I picked up a 3 pack of Lomo Earl Grey on Black Friday of last year while my local film store was running a promotion for about 20$, making it at the time the cheapest film I could get my hands on as not much was actually left in stock in local stores.

I had just gotten back my Kodak Tri-X 400 negatives from the lab which I had pushed 2 stops (shot at 1600) delivering exceptional results so I thought I would do the same for this film. I loaded the first roll into my newly purchased Nikon FE and set the ISO to 400, perhaps pushing the first film you load in a new camera isn’t a very good idea because you are looking to isolate any potential problems with the light meter or perhaps see if that small dirt advertised by the seller as “does not affect pictures” is in fact as he claims, but the Nikon I received looked in immaculate condition so I put my trust in it.

5 Frames with a Voigtlander Bessa 66 and Lomography Berlin – By Ian Whitney

I inherited my grandfather’s Voigtlander Bessa 66 from my parents around 2010, along with a collection of 35mm equipment that had belonged to my dad and me. My grandfather had stopped using the camera before I was born, so I’d never seen the Voigtlander before. I was quite taken with it. I loved its compact size and its clever folding bellows mechanism. But using it turned out to be more challenging! I shot a few rolls of T-MAX and nearly everything ended up way overexposed. So I set the camera aside.

Tree photographed on Lomography Turquoise

Lomography Turquoise 35mm Film Review

3 cameras, one film. The Leica CL, Canon Rebel K2, and Diana Mini take on Lomography Turquoise in an attempt to get to the heart of this gloriously strange film and see what it can do.

Landing on a gallery full of Lomography’s LomoChrome Turquoise film is arriving at another planet to find color as we know it turned upside down. Yellows and oranges become blues, blues become orange, greens turn sea green/emerald, and reds become a rich shade of purple.

Lomography sent me a few rolls of Turquoise to test out and this is my cross-my-heart honest review of the film. Let’s dive in…

Nikon FE2 Nikon 20mm f2.8

5 Frames in Riga with the Nikon FE2 and Lomography Lady Grey 400 – by Felix I Flores Rodriguez

Riga is the capital and the biggest city in the Republic of Latvia. Furthermore, Riga is the biggest city in the Baltic state and, with a population of 671,000, is home to one-tenth of the people of the Baltic state. The city of Riga was founded in 1201. The city’s historical center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the 19th-century Art Nouveau and Jugendstil wooden architecture.

Pentax IQZoom EZY camera

5 Frames with a Pentax IQ Zoom EZY and Lomography 400 Color Film – By Dee Dee Yelverton

I found this Pentax IQ Zoom EZY camera while doing some spring cleaning recently. Fortunately, I had stored it without a battery, and it looked clean (almost like new), and waiting for me to take it out for a spin. I suspect I picked this up quite a while ago when these sort of point and shoot film cameras were as cheap as chips, to borrow one of my favorite expressions from friends “across the pond.” A recent check on the large auction site shows that you can still get one of these for relatively little, but more than my bag of chips price from a few years ago.

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