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NEWS: Street Candy’s Return Brings MTN100 Back in Stock

Street Candy is back! The company that closed its doors over a year ago due to supply strains and price increases has found a way to bring us the popular 35mm black and white film again with the help of an unexpected source.

MTN 100 is now available from the Street Candy website shop here for €9.90. You can also check with your local retailer to see if they will have it in stock. This is a black-and-white panchromatic film loaded with 36 exposures with no DX code. It has been rolled down for still photographers from a motion picture film stock which features a cinematic style and fine grain. Interestingly, the film can be processed as normal black and white negatives or with a reversal kit to create positives.

sample image from street candy mtn 100
Image courtesy of Street Candy

mtn100 street candy film product shot
Image courtesy of Street Candy

A little over a year ago Vincent Moschetti, the company’s founder, fulfilled the last film orders and posted a farewell message on Instagram. However, he did leave us with a Terminator meme saying, I’ll be back! And indeed, now he is!

We caught up with Vincent about the journey for himself and Street Candy, including how it all started.

“As the founder of Street Candy Film, I started the film brand in 2018 as a side project while I was still mostly dedicated to my other project, On Film Only. To my surprise, Street Candy kept growing bigger and eventually became my full-time job. I was fortunate enough to grow a strong community behind us which allowed me to support my family while doing something I was proud of.” – Vincent Moschetti, Founder of Street Candy

Portrait of Vincent and child
Image courtesy of Street Candy

Vincent explained the pandemic and its resulting effects placed a huge strain on a lot of companies including his. It was hard to stock the film but the price point became too high as well.

“I didn’t see myself selling film for 15€ a roll, and I had to make the difficult decision to close down Street Candy Film. It was a tough decision at the time, but I needed to take a break from running this business for my own well-being…”

Not one year later, he received an unexpected message that would change the course of Street Candy’s future.

“While I was starting to think that it was time to shut down the Street Candy Film website, I received a message from a mysterious company asking if I would like their help to relaunch Street Candy MTN100. After a few email exchanges, the decision was made to relaunch this film thanks to the help of Dave Marshall from Flic Film. From the film supply to their production capacity, they had everything to make that possible so it was a no-brainer for me and I couldn’t say no to this unexpected opportunity.”

sample image from street candy mtn 100
Image courtesy of Street Candy

Flic Film, based in Alberta, Canada, is a wholesale company that converts film for still photographers and also produces chemicals for processing film. They recently converted a 100 ISO colour film for 35mm shooters called Electra. Find more information about Flic Film on their website here.

With Flic Film’s support, Vincent says his primary focus for the rest of 2023 is securing a reliable manufacturer to be able to have confidence in a long-term production outlook.

street candy rolling film keychain product shot
Image courtesy of Street Candy

He is also working on a few other items as well, “I would also like to bring back our cardboard boxes in a new format that fits with our current production process. Additionally, I’m working on expanding our film merch products and have already added a new Rolling Film keychain to our collection. Lastly, I’d love to launch a new film, but that may take some time, so I’m not sure if it will happen this year.”

sample image from street candy mtn 100
Image courtesy of Street Candy

As a fan of the previously discontinued ATM 400 Street Candy Film, I asked him if we would see a return of this as well.

Vincent said, “At this stage, it’s too early to make any promises but that’s definitely something I would love to make happen!”

He also had a message for the film community, “To conclude, I’d like to thank everyone in the Film Community for the warm welcome back and a big shoutout to Flic Film for making that happen!”

Thank you to Vincent for taking the time to share his story with us here on 35mmc! To see more about Street Candy and perhaps pick up some MTN100 to try for yourself, head to their website here or follow them for updates on Instagram here.

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