NEWS: New Solarcan Puck Kickstarter with Limited GOLD and RED Editions

By Molly Kate

Solarcan is running a mini Kickstarter alongside the spirit of the crowd-funding platform’s “Make 100” initiative, that invites makers to launch campaigns offering 100 items to potential backers.

The popular Solarcan Puck is up for grabs in this new campaign, but this time in limited collector and signature editions of GOLD and cherry RED. One hundred of each of these luxurious colour designs are available for backers, but at the time of writing, the single pack Gold edition has already sold out!

Don’t worry though, because you can still grab the GOLD collector’s edition by backing the “Five Pack” option that includes four black Solarcan Pucks and one GOLD for £80. The signature edition cherry RED Puck is also still available as a single package with a pledge of £20.

Solarcan collector's edition RED puck
Image courtesy of Solarcan Kickstarter

Each Puck comes with 9 laser-cut exposures and an accessories pack that includes cable ties and fixings for attaching it where you see fit. The technique of laser cutting gives the exposures a glowing vignette for a unique look. The pucks will be numbered and signed by Gemma and Sam, the Solarcan team.

Solarcan puck image result showing effect of lasercut edges
Image courtesy of Solarcan Kickstarter

Aiming to be as environmentally conscious as possible, Solarcan’s new shipping box design is made from a single piece of cardboard that also doubles as a stand which can be used to set the Puck on a windowsill.

At Solarcan we have always strived to reduce, reuse, recycle in all aspects of our operation, and simply love the idea that our box can be used in such a modular fashion. – Solarcan Team

Solarcan new modular packaging that turns into stand for the Puck
Image courtesy of Solarcan Kickstarter

The last thing tucked into the mix will be a special edition ‘Science Experiment’ water-resistant band coloured yellow.

Solarcan plans to use the funds raised to propel the Puck into the next phase of production, which is retail packaging for a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) audience.

The company says in the Kickstarter, “From the very beginning our goal has been to educate on the fundamentals of photography, astronomy and art. By creating a STEM-based retail version of the Puck we’ll be accessible to even more curious-minded people!”

Solarcan new tagline and packaging
Image courtesy of Solarcan Kickstarter

The new tagline, ‘The World’s Simplest Camera’ is in play as well, making for an eye-catching box to attract curious new customers into the world of solargraphy. The product is an all-in-one solution to creating solargraph images and draws users into the strong community behind it.

The new Solarcan Kickstarter will end at 8:59 PM on February 23, 2023, so you have until then to grab one of these limited editions. They can sell out though as the single GOLD collector’s edition has already. Therefore, if this is something you are interested in, run, don’t walk, over to this link here to back the project.

Solarcan puck image result
Image courtesy of Solarcan Kickstarter

To see more images created using the Solarcan Puck, head over to Instagram and search for the hashtag #solarcan or #solarcanpuck.

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JDW in Melbourne on NEWS: New Solarcan Puck Kickstarter with Limited GOLD and RED Editions

Comment posted: 12/04/2023

ANOTHER Kickstarter??

As King Charles said to Liz Truss during her (mercifully) brief period as British PM, "dear, oh dear"...


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