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Focus on the Positives – Analogue Wonderland Summer Film Photography Competition

July 11, 2019

Analogue Wonderland have once again teamed up with Kodak Alaris to run a Summertime film photography competition. This time the theme “Focus on the Positives”, which if you didn’t immediately grasp the pun, means that it’s all about shooting reversal film.

With me currently getting to grips with shooting reversal in my Ektachrome project, I can get completely behind the motive here: They’re collectively trying to encourage people to give reversal film a go. There is such a strong narrative out there in internet-land that talks about how much harder it is to shoot reversal compared to negative film, that they are collectively trying to encourage people to not worry so much and to give it a go.

Of course with any competition from Analogue Wonderland, there is also a promotion, and in fact this year it comes with additional support from another company I have recently been working with, SilverPan Film Lab.

The following is from the horse’s mouth:

1. Competition

Firstly by running a competition where the community can share their best photos captured on slide film – along with any hints or tips for getting the best out of slide. The theme is ‘Focus on the Positives’ and we encourage people to submit photos that show the joy of film photography – whatever that means to you!

Winners will be picked by Kodak Alaris and two Grand Winners will receive a goodie bag of Kodak film. Good luck to all entrants!

 2. Affordable Slide Film

Secondly we are running a short-term price discount on Ektachrome 35mm to just £10 per roll! This represents a significant drop versus the RRP of £15 (and our usual selling price of £14) and hopefully will remove some of the risk around trying slide film for the first time. This deal will run for the duration of the activity, 11th July – 11th August.

3. Perfect Slide (E6) Processing

We understand that many labs are unable to currently offer E6 processing (including our own excellent partner Digitalab). However Duncan from SilverPan Film Lab has kindly agreed to offer a time-limited deal – if you buy any Ektachrome from Analogue Wonderland during the period of the competition then your film will be delivered with a discount voucher for E6 processing for just £5 per roll with SilverPan! They are a fantastic small-scale processing lab and you can be sure that Duncan will treat your films with precision and love, and he’ll also be able to help you diagnose if the results are slightly different to what you were expecting!

You can submit your photos into the competition HERE!

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  • Reply
    Adam Laws
    July 11, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    Looks like I’m buying my first roll of Ektachrome – I was holding out for the 120.

    Looking forward to giving Silverpan a go as well.

  • Reply
    Ashokchand. Hurry
    July 12, 2019 at 3:28 am

    I love the colours of film and transparencies, but don t know why so many New photographers are running only in dslr, are they really artistic

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