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NEWS: Celebrating Analogue Wonderland’s 5th Birthday, New WonderPan 400 Makes Pushing Film Fun For All

Out of the frying pan and into the hands of film photographers flies WonderPan 400, a 35mm black and white treat. The culinary creation concocted by fictional character Chef Ambrosia celebrates Analogue Wonderland’s 5th birthday by delighting your imagination with its playful backstory and debunking the complexity of pushing film. Cooked up from a best-selling …

NEWS: Celebrating Analogue Wonderland’s 5th Birthday, New WonderPan 400 Makes Pushing Film Fun For All Read More

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NEWS: Analogue Wonderland’s New Lab Print Service Reduces Waste and Increases Quality

Analogue Wonderland has launched a new eco-friendly service that supports photographers with higher quality prints while eliminating waste at the same time.

The new printing service is designed to allow customers to select the images they want before any paper, ink, electricity, and shipping materials are used. In a survey done by Analogue Wonderland on Twitter, 48% of respondents said they prefer to print only some of the roll (from 3-16 images). 34% said they would print the best 1 or 2. Only 7% said they would print the entire roll. (Souce: AW Press Release, % rounded)

When ordering prints from a lab, the standard process is to receive a print for every image on the roll. For many photographers that only prefer less than half their roll, this creates wasted resources used on prints that end up either in the bin or stored away and never seen again.

To address this waste, Analogue Wonderland has created a system for photographers using the lab to be able to print only the photos they want. If you didn’t get your film processed through their lab, you can still order prints, though the process is slightly different.

Analogue Wonderland Launches Club AW Loyalty Program for Customers

Analogue Wonderland, a leading analogue photography retailer and film lab in the UK, has refreshed their loyalty program recently. The new store rewards system, now called Club AW, will make it simpler and easier for customers and supporters to access discounts and deals on items.

It is free to sign up for the program on Analogue Wonderland’s website, but they also have a brilliant app where you can sign up as well (and start shopping). Simply creating a customer account will earn you 100 points!

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