ttartisan 27mm f2.8 lens superimposed on an image of a person leaping off a sand dune

NEWS: TTArtisan’s Autofocus 27mm F2.8 Lens Now Available for Sony E and Nikon Z Mount Cameras

TTartisan’s autofocus 27mm F2.8 lens is now available to purchase for Nikon Z and Sony E mount cameras. Initially released for the Fujifilm X mount users in October 2022, this lens can now be had for the retail price of $160 by the Nikon and Sony mirrorless or full frame crowd.

The most exciting feature of this lens is the ability to autofocus. With most of the previous releases from third-party gear manufacturers like TTartisan, the lenses have been manual focus only. However, now with autofocus capabilities, they become more competitive with the native lenses in term of functionality.

sample image from the ttartisan 27mm f2.8 lens
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

This 27mm F2.8 lens can track and follow the human eye, during both still and video shooting. TTartisan says the lens has a silent focus as well, making it a good match for photographers needing a quiet camera. Additionally, the lens is said to work with stabilization features the camera may have.

ttartisan 27mm f2.8 lens on a sony e mount body
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

With a 3cm compact pancake lens design and 41mm full frame equivalent focal length, this lens can be used for a variety of applications including everyday shooting. It can be used for close-up shots as the closest focusing distance is 0.35m and results in a pleasing bokeh effect.

ttartisan 27mm f2.8 sample image with bokeh
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

Nikon Z Mount camera with the 27mm F2.8 laying in the grass
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

There will be significant vignetting if this lens is used on a full-frame camera as it is built for APS-C mirrorless cameras. TTartisan does provide instruction however on switching the full-frame Sony and Nikon cameras into APS-C mode.

TTartisan 27mm F2.8 lens diagram
Image courtesy of TTartisan

The body is a complete metal construction with a clicky aperture ring that ranges from F2.8 to F16. There is also an “A” or auto aperture function on the lens that the company says allows users to control the aperture from within the camera’s software.

sample image from the ttartisan 27mm f2.8 lens
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

Priced at $160, this lens would be an attractive option for Sony E, Nikon Z, and Fujifilm X photographers that are looking to save but still maintain a level of quality.

At the time of writing, the retail price for the Fujifilm 27mm F2.8 WR is over $400 (Source: Park Cameras). Sony’s E-mount native lenses which are roughly equivalent are also over $400 (Source: Sony Electronics). Nikon’s Z mount prime equivalents are slightly cheaper with their 40mm F2 retailing at $299 (Source: Nikon USA).

ttartisan 27mm f2.8 lens diagram
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

The lens firmware can be upgraded through a type-C USD connection, however TTartisan’s information notes this can only be done using a Windows computer which would be a limitation for Apple users.

As TTartisan does not sell directly for this lens, you can find it on Amazon. Follow the links here to find it for the Sony E-Mount, Nikon Z-Mount, and the Fujifilm X-Mount. Interestingly, you can also find it at the Pergear online shop linked here, but they currently have it discounted to USD 137 (at the time of writing). To see more details about the lens such as full element diagrams, head over to the official TTartisan product page here.

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