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NEWS: Analogue Wonderlab, AW’s New Lab, Launches Today!

October 12, 2021

Back at the end of July I wrote about Analogue Wonderland working toward launching their new sustainability focused lab – Analogue Wonderlab. A couple of months later, with a lot of hard work from Marina, Paul, and co. the lab is opening!

I’ve been chatting to Paul about his plans for quite a long time now, so I know how excited he is about launching the lab. I also know how excited he has been to have been working with Marina Llopis who he has brought in to set up the space as what will be one of the only female-led labs in europe. With Paul’s experiences and ideals around setting up a streamlined and user friendly process for sending in film, and Marina’s extensive background and experience working in labs around the world, I expect they will get off to a flying start.

Analogue Wonderlab is set up to process and scan colour C-41 and B&W for 35mm, 120, disposable cameras and 110 films from day one. They will then be bringing more chemistries and processes online over the next few months. This will starting with E6, with them working towards being able to process all the different films including all speciality types and formats.

One of the things that Paul mentioned to me very early on was wanting to provide customers with as much peace of mind as possible when it comes to sending in their film. As such, once an order is placed through the website, customers will receive information on how to print a free, tracked, postage label.

Customers will also be offered a range of different scanning options within the checkout process.


The other big headline goal of Analogue Wonderlab is sustainability. I know Marina and Paul personally, and know that this is something close to both of their hearts. Sustainability feels like the elephant in the room at the moment in most industries – as it well should – but especially within film photography there feels like increasing “buzz” around this topic.

To this end, Marina has been publishing regular updates on the Analogue Wonderland blog talking about the progress they are making. You can find the latest article here which talks about which of the boxes they have managed to tick ready for opening, and which they are still working on. It sounds like they are investing a lot of resource into this which I think should be commended!

Now Open

The Analogue Wonderlab is now open and ready for your film. For customers local to the lab they will be accepting dropped-in orders as of tomorrow morning, else you can place your mail-in order on the website here now!

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    October 12, 2021 at 6:09 pm

    Great to see another lab option in the U.K. I love how they integrate paying for developing when you buy the film.

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