NEWS: Dream Team Dubblefilm and Revolog Launch New Medium Format Specialty Films

By Molly Kate

Dubblefilm is back this week with another exciting film release. This time, they have partnered with Revolog to produce popular 35mm specialty films in medium format!

Five popular specialty films will be offered in 120: Revolog’s 600nm, 460nm and Dubblefilm’s Apollo, Bubblegum and Pacific. The films are ISO 200 and intended for C-41 chemistry. The retail price is expected to be €19.50 (approx. 17 GBP, 20 USD).

The specialty films are consumer films that have been pre-exposed with no chemical manipulation. Due to the nature of how they are made, this produces unique tones and effects. For example, depending on scanner settings and exposure, Revolog’s 600nm produces a reddish or a bluish–green tint and 460nm has either a blue/violet or yellow/green tint. If the image is underexposed, this will intensify the effect.

Portrait of man wearing headphones in front of striped wall, New 120 Specialty Film - 460nm
Image provided by Dubblefilm, New 120 Specialty Film – 460nm
wide cityscape on revolog's 460nm 120 film
Image provided by Dubblefilm, New 120 Specialty Film – 600nm

Talking to Dubblefilm about the partnership, they mention switching from another manufacturer to Revolog, the latter being a better match for their vision. In fact, the idea to create the new 120 lines stemmed from Revolog. Seeing the shortage in 35mm supply, having additional capacity, and receiving requests for 120, they decided to launch ahead with the idea together.

The team at Revolog is the first to bring specialty films to market and without question, the leaders in this space. It’s no secret that they produce all the specialty films that Dubblefilm offers. – Dubblefilm

Revolog was founded in 2009 by photographers Hanna Pribitzer and Michael Krebs when working on a team project as part of their school diploma program.

Dubblefilm says, “Working with them has been amazing and the quality of their effects is the best in the scene.”

Portrait of man taken on Dubblefilm Apollo
Image provided by Dubblefilm – Apollo Film Sample
Portrait of couple, man and woman, on Dubblefilm bubblegum
Image provided by Dubblefilm – Bubblegum Film Sample
Portrait of man taken on Dubblefilm Pacific
Image provided by Dubblefilm – Pacific Film Sample

The 120 specialty films are available directly from both Revolog’s and Dubblefilm’s online shops. Visit Revolog here and Dubblefilm here. As with all Dubblefilm films, you can also find them from select retailers. See the list on the company’s website here.

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