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The Sunbeams Analogue photography news: Sporty shots and sagging mattresses

April 15, 2018

Hey readers, it’s us again, back from overindulging on Easter eggs to you catch up on events at Sunny 16 Towers. Ironically, although we see much from our lofty vantage point the one thing we haven’t seen in the last two weeks is the sun. Oh well, here’s hoping that Spring makes with the springing real soon.

We’ve written and talked much about the Cheap Shots Challenge over the last few weeks, and on show 95 we were joined by the ever awesome Mike Padua of for some serious judging action. Boy did he have his work cut out, because despite the difficult subject of Sports and activities,  AND the time of year being far from ideal, we still had our most entries yet. It was great to see a diverse range of shots from around the world with some very varied interpretations of the theme. You can view all the entries right HERE. In the end the winning shots came from J M Golding and Stig –  huge congratulations to them, and massive thanks to Mike for not only judging the listeners entries, but also for providing a prize for the winners!

Not that it was all fun and games, the hosts entries got judged too. Well, some of the hosts – Ade completely failed to get anything entered, and so disappeared off to Italy to avoid the brutal humiliation. The battle between the two remaining hosts was fierce in their equal levels of ineptitude – Rachel’s shot’s barely (if at all) fit the theme, and Graeme’s were, by dint incompetence and bad luck, mostly just terrible. Still, there could only be one winner, and it definitely wasn’t Rachel.

After all the excitement of the previous week we needed a lie down, so a conversation with a lovely chap about mattresses seemed ideal for show 96. As it happens, the mattresses pictured in the photo/poetry book “Goodnight Sweetheart” by Anil Mistry and friends are well past the point of offering restful slumber. The book is a lovingly presented collection of images of these discarded, sagging, unloved lumps in a weird and wide variety of locales, paired with poetry and musings by an assorted group of male middle-aged misanthropes. It’s a charming, moving and funny book well worth anyone’s time, and you can find it HERE. Best of all, all profits from the sale of this book go to the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) who are dedicated to tackling the high rates of suicide in young men.

As well as talking about mattresses and the confusion that toothpaste can cause some website owners, we also had a discussion on street portraiture. Anil has previously written a really useful “How-to” guide over on, so we picked his brains on ways to overcome our fears and get the shots we really want to. If this sort of photography is of interest to you then I highly recommend you check out the article, or better yet listen to the podcast if you haven’t already!

In other news, Thursday the 12th was apparently Film Photography Day, so I hope you were all out there shooting, just like every other day. Another date for the calendar is Worldwide Pinhole day, just around the corner on the 29th April.

The Half Frame Camera Club is accepting submissions for it’s first Zine, you can find all the details at and you have until the 1st of May to submit an image shot on 35mm half frame.

And finally, whilst one Cheap Shot’s Challenge has drawn to a close, the next round has only just begun. Mike chose the subject of Food for this one, and you now have until the 2nd of June to get some pictures taken, and your two favourites emailed in to us – good luck!

Until next time, shoot lots of film, be super nice, and spare a thought for the tired old mattress in your life, literally or figuratively.


The Sunbeams


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