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The Sunny 16 Podcast is a weekly podcast centred on our love of analogue photography and the people who engage in it. It's like a trip to the pub with people who share your love for the hobby, only in your ears!

Sunbeams News: The Kodak Alaris / Analogue Wonderland Summer Holidays Competition!

One word definitely isn’t enough, so here’s more of what you need. On this weeks show we were joined by Paul Mckay from the online film store Analogue Wonderland, and Andy Church from Kodak Alaris. Yes, that Kodak Alaris. There was a lot of super interesting conversation, but the main reason for them joining us was to announce their new Summer Holidays Competition!

pixl-latr, Ektachrome & MiNT instant RF – The Sunbeams Analogue Photography News

Summer’s here and the time is as good as any (and better than most) for dancing in the street. If that’s not your bag baby, then it’s also a great time to get out with the camera – long days, warm weather and only the occasional brutal downpour.

Over at Sunny 16 Towers we’ve dealt with the heat by making skimpy shorts our official Summer uniform, and constantly eating Ice cream – we’ve got all the scoops.

The Sunbeams Analogue Photography News – 100 not out!

Hello film fans and welcome back to this, the most centenary of editions of the Sunbeams Analogue Photography News. It’s been a busy few weeks since last we corresponded, and I’m sure many of the thousands of you, our devoted readers were devastated by the absence of an article last week. For this I can …

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The Sunbeams Analogue Photography News: From Germany to Kenya

“Spring is sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where ‘dem boydies is? The Boyd is on the wing, but that’s absoyd, ‘cos everybody knows – the wing is on the boyd!” Hey everybody, it’s us, back again by popular demand the kindness of Hamish to bring you up to speed on what’s been happening these …

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