A selection of Yashica T5 shots.

By Hamish Gill

The Yashica T5 was the camera the got me firmly back into this compact camera shooting lark … I have plenty to say about this camera but for now I thought I’d share a few photos.

This was taken of my daughter eating one evening around christmas, the light in the room was awful, I was really surprised the image came out as well as it did! The film was XP2.

Taken With yashica t5 and xp2
Christmas morning, taken with fuji superior 800, it might be grainy as, but content is king eh?

Christmas 2012

Taken in the Hive in Worcester, the exposure seems a little low, possibly due to the backlighting. I like it though.

Inside the hive

A real favorite of mine this one, she just lay on the floor… It had to be photographed!

I really like the yellow square

Some lads reading comics in the hive.

Inside the Hive

Another indoor shot showing some underexposure. I found this a lot with this camera, despite it having quite slow shutter speeds available to it, it quite often seemed to underexpose rather than use them!

Inside the Hive


Inside the Hive

and again.

Inside the Hive

I shall post some more thoughts on these and the camera at a later date. For now though, it is a great camera that perhaps does deserve its cult status if not the price they demand.

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By Hamish Gill
I started taking photos at the age of 9. Since then I've taken photos for a hobby, sold cameras for a living, and for a little more than decade I've been a professional photographer and, of course, weekly contributor to 35mmc.
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Jeremy Zorns on A selection of Yashica T5 shots.

Comment posted: 14/10/2019

I had a T4 (non-Super) back in the day. It cost a bit more than a Stylus at the time, but I was convinced it had a better lens, and was worth it. I think the lens IS better, and the flash position was certainly better, in the days when red-eye reduction was just multiple pre-flashes that resulted in the subject blinking. These days, these are selling for enough money that it doesn't make sense to buy one, unless sleeper point & shoots are your thing. Speaking of which, here are some other sleeper point & shoots that can be found for a lot less than Yashicas and Styli: Canon "Sure Shot" AF35M2, 35/2.8. (2nd model; first one is too expensive) Nikon L35AF3, 35/2.8. (3rd model, has proper pre-focus and a dedicated flash cancel button; gets the filter threads back, and has a superior battery door design than the first one. It has a 4 element lens, instead of the original 5 element one.) Minolta Freedom II. (35/3.5) No prefocus and no flash cancel and uses AAs. Junky live hinge battery door. But the lens is stupendously sharp. Easily on par with the 35/3.5 Tessar in my T4. Rollei 35 is easily on par with these cameras too, and offer full manual control and no action needed to skip flash. They're heavier though and with more protuberances.

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Yashica T5 – The Path to Enlightenment (Part 1) on A selection of Yashica T5 shots.

Comment posted: 05/06/2013

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