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NEWS: Analogue Wonderland Aquires SilverPan Film Lab To Offer One-Stop-Shop For UK Film Photographers

Analogue Wonderland has acquired SilverPan Film Lab, a well-known film processing lab based in Bristol. This new partnership will provide the opportunity for Analogue Wonderland (“AW”) to offer a wider variety of in-house film processing services while Silverpan can take advantage of AW’s purchasing and marketing experience, 5-star customer support, and a well-developed (pardon the pun) infrastructure. Additionally, it will offer AW the opportunity to expand its physical presence in the form of a “true” retail location.

SilverPan Film Lab (“SilverPan”) was founded in 2018 by Duncan Gammon and offers a wide range of processing methods including C41, B&W, ECN-2, E6, and B&W Reversal for 35mm, 120, 220, 110, 126, and even 127 film formats! Everything is done in the lab by hand or with small-scale automated processors which provides customers a highly personal experience.

“The acquisition by Analogue Wonderland marks an exciting new milestone for SilverPan Film Lab,”

said Duncan, Founder of SilverPan Film Lab.

“Our uniquely bespoke approach to running a commercial film lab is something I have been proud of from the start; offering access to the maximum choice of high-quality options in development techniques, scanning, and printing to the passionate film photography community; “Your film, your way”.

Working at silverpan film lab
Image courtesy of Analogue Wonderland – Processing in Progress at SilverPan Film Lab

The new partnership aims to create an enhanced “one-stop-shop” service for film photographers based in the UK. More film products will be coming to SilverPan’s Bristol store in addition to new technologies to help meet the ever-growing needs of the film community the lab serves.

“Analogue Wonderland’s passion, scale, and expertise will allow us to reach out to more of the community and grow, whilst retaining the same personalised service to our customers.”

Duncan, Founder of SilverPan Film Lab

Customers can expect a seamless transition as SilverPan Film Lab continues to operate independently under the new ownership. There will be no immediate changes to the lab’s website, branding, or physical location and the same team will remain in charge of day-to-day lab operations and care of films.

Duncan and Justine in front of their store in Bristol, SilverPan Film Lab
Image courtesy of Analogue Wonderland – Duncan and Justine at the Bristol storefront

Paul and Mary, founders of Analogue wonderland
Image courtesy of Analogue Wonderland – Founders of AW, Paul and Mary

Analogue Wonderland and SilverPan were established in the same year and their parallel background stories and perspectives helped the founders form a symbiotic relationship early on. Already having this connection fostered by matching views and priorities, the decision to form a business partnership was very much an organic process.

“On a personal level, I’ve known Duncan since we started our businesses at the same time – we jumped ship from ‘safe’ steady jobs at the same time – and we’ve traded stories and helped each other out as we grew. We have remarkably similar values in how we think about film photography, and in the way we do business, so this feels like a very natural next step”

– Paul McKay, Founder of Analogue Wonderland

Film products at Analogue Wonderland
Image courtesy of Analogue Wonderland

Pouring chemistry into the processor at SilverPan Film Lab
Image courtesy of Analogue Wonderland

Looking forward to serving and encouraging the community away from London’s gravitational pull, Analogue Wonderland and SilverPan are excited to join forces for the benefit of film enthusiasts around Bristol and beyond.

“Analogue Wonderland’s mission has always been to help make film photography fun and accessible for everyone,” said Paul McKay, Founder of Analogue Wonderland. “I am delighted to welcome Duncan and SilverPan Film Lab into the Analogue Wonderland family as they help us bring that philosophy to folks after a ‘professional’ lab service with personalised choice and care. It will also give us a second physical presence away from the locus of London to inspire and engage with a new community of film shooters.”

“We are really excited to start working together and to see what the future will bring.”

– Duncan, Founder of SilverPan Film Lab

For more information about Analogue Wonderland and SilverPan Film Lab, please visit their respective websites here and here.

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7 thoughts on “NEWS: Analogue Wonderland Aquires SilverPan Film Lab To Offer One-Stop-Shop For UK Film Photographers”

  1. “[A]n exciting new milestone for SilverPan Film Lab” it may be, but it’s a regressive step for analogue photography in the UK as a whole; marking yet another contraction of the real market available for users to choose from, and a likely price increase as Paul slowly sinks his claws into the Silverpan business and uses it as another outlet to peddle overpriced repackaged Kentmere, Fomapan, Aerocolor and whatever else he can get away with.

    1. You know absolutely nothing about the backstory, the interpersonal relationships, or the ramifications of this deal going or not going ahead. I know that to be the case, because as personal friends of both of them, I do. Cast all the aspersions you want, it will take nothing from the reality of what is and will amount to a positive decision for both parties.

      1. Also I note your wording that this will be a “positive decision for both parties” i.e. SilverPan and AW… but not the film community as a whole. It’s entirely self-interested.

        If SilverPan were going bust, which is what your message above tangentially hints at, it just hammers home the fragility of the supposedly (and much vaunted on this, and other, websites) “thriving film photography” community. But we’re all supposed to live in an optimistic temple built on sand praying to the lords of the analogue community and never stating anything that goes against the mantra that “all is well, all is well, all is well” because you can’t bring yourselves to admit that you may be over-egging the solidity of the community just a teency weency bit.

        It’s frankly a sad situation.

        1. Again, you’re just demonstrating your ignorance.

          As for this fascination you have with the state of the analogue community and indeed other people’s optimistic (or otherwise) views of it. I really don’t know who you’re lumping me in with when you say “yourselves”. I’m not sure we have ever discussed the state of the community or industry and I’m not sure I’ve ever stated my opinions within any sort of forum that you’re a part of, so I’m not sure how you would know anything of what I think…?

          I also said nothing of Silverpan going bust, or even hinted at that. I’m simply pointing out that you don’t k on what’s led up to this, and I suspect you don’t have the ability to see into the future.

          You call me delusional, yet it would appear it’s you that’s – in every aspect of this conversation – either reading between lines or simply imagining information.

  2. George Quisling

    Hooray – this is awesome news! AW really care about film and SilverPan can do good in their profile. Glad to see this happening!

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