5 Frames with an Olympus Trip 35 – Lockdown, Faces & Places – by Bertie Holloway

I’ve shot film for a few years now, I would say the last year I have been taking it more seriously not just as a hobby but a passion of mine. Last year I was using a Praktica BCX which I enjoyed but wanted to get something simpler and something with less weight, which is why I moved onto using the Olympus Trip 35. I started using film when on holidays  just for memories sake but recently I have been getting into documenting life around me.

These 5 frames show my breakthrough with the Olympus Trip 35 which has allowed me to show how London has adapted to these changes during a world pandemic.

I first got introduced to an Olympus Trip 35 when I was walking down Brick lane in London trying to find a Nikon FM2, after hearing how great this camera was through a mate of mine. After going back and forth on eBay trying to get hold of one I decided to try and look elsewhere and try my luck.

The first vintage camera stall I walked up to I saw the Olympus Trip 35 and I forgot about the Nikon FM2 instantly. I bought it for quite cheap and went off to shoot some film.

By the time I got my film back I saw that my photos were all underexposed which as many of you know is very disheartening, especially at the beginners stage of film photography. Most of these turned out not how I wanted and how I imagined they were going to look like.

I thought to myself that I should stop trying with film photography as it has caused me some stress and of course money and time. But I tried again and found a newly rebuilt Olympus Trip for which I paid a little bit more than the one at the stall, but it was worth it.

This camera has been the perfect fit for this period of time, it has allowed me to portray my lockdown experience through a lens. One of the reasons why this camera has done me well is due to the simplicity of it. I have been able to cycle around London and take photos at a distance, this camera has given me easy access as it is small and has a very quick focus ring that can be manually changed. It has allowed me to capture moments that show London during this time, having no need to change batteries or worry about the light meter it has given me the freedom of exploring more without the worry in the back of my head.

What I wanted to capture here in these photos is the change that we all have had to face during these times, our everyday lifestyle has been disrupted and we find different ways to get through this. We find ways of entertaining ourselves through creativity and ways to adjust to changes. The Olympus has enabled me to document the adjustments our world has had to make.

I have been using both colour and black and white on the Olympus Trip which has shown its great versatility as a camera, the Olympus Trip has proven itself to be a timeless camera. Made in 1968 but still producing great images to this day, the quality this cameras brings out compared to a digital is amazing and what’s even more amazing about this camera is the simplicity of it all, set it to A and shoot, not having to worry about anything. Point and shoot and you will get great results.

social distancing during lockdown
A Social Distance Journey,
A man and a mask
Special Measures,
Lady prays outside of her closed church during lockdown
Belief Keeps Us Going,
Empty streets in china town
Ghost Town,
Mariachi Band during lockdown
The Mariachi Band,

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    1. Hey!

      I used fujifilm xtra superia 400 – it has great contrast and a strong colour effect with this film. It makes the colours really stand out. I tweaked some of the photos, but barely. Thanks for reading!

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