Analogue Spotlight at TPS 2021

Analogue Showcase Returns to the Photography Show

By Molly Kate

Analogue Showcase (previously Analogue Spotlight) is back for a second year at the Photography Show in Birmingham this coming weekend. There are many exciting talks, exhibitors, and demonstrations coming up, so if you are free and have not signed up to go yet, you won’t want to miss this!

The show spans over three days this year, instead of the usual four, as Monday (the 19th) has been canceled because of the Queen’s funeral which will be held then. The organizers of the Photography show decided to cancel the day which they said was a mark of respect for the Queen.


Talks scheduled feature a variety of topics including camera rescue and repair, experimental photography, wet plate collodion and palladium printing processes, Ilford films, printing your work, self-portraits, and more! You can find the full schedule on the Photography Show website here.

Here’s a preview of talks & topics (in order of date/time):

Saturday, September 17, 2022

11am: Jo Bradford presents her work as a cameraless photographer and greatness in the analogue world
12pm: Cameras by Max is giving a crash course in analogue photography (from digital to film)
1pm: Michelle from Ilford is presenting their films and how best to use each.
2pm: Juho Leppanen from Camera Rescue discusses finding repairable cameras and what to do with them
3pm: Simon from Ilford will discuss the wet plate collodion process
4pm: Holly Gilman is presenting on experimental photography and the multitude of ways to be creative with the camera and darkroom

Sunday, September 18, 2022

11am: Sam Cornwell from Solarcan presents how to take an extremely long exposure of the sun’s path along the sky
12pm: Alexandra Heron will share her personal project Breadth: Spanning the spectrum and putting her full heart into this photography work
1pm: Paul McKay presents The Joy of Analogue, discussing trends and why folks enjoy analogue photography
2pm: Dan Rubin will talk about the importance of printing your work to deepen your experience with film
3pm: Pierro Pozella from PPP Cameras will share basic repair tips and looking after your camera (s)

Monday, September 19, 2022 – canceled.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

12pm: Ilford will talk about choosing developers for black and white films
1pm: Roberto Aguillar will lead us through the palladium printing process
2pm: Geraint Roberts is sharing how to work with film consistency and matching RAW film scan files
3pm: Rachel Brewster-Wright is giving an intro to shooting weddings on film
4pm: Laura Olaniyi (Lauzcam) will share her work with analogue self-portraits


Booth and pod exhibitors include Zone Imaging, Vintage Camera Hut, Tetanol, Solarcan, pixl-latr (Hamish from 35mmc), Patterson, Negative Supply, Intrepid Camera, Ilford Photo, Fujifilm Instax, Firstcall Photographic, Cinestill Film, Camera Rescue, Alfie Cameras, and Analogue Wonderland (List corroborated with UK Film Photography and Darkroom FB group) You can find the entire official listing for the show here.


If you don’t already have tickets they can be purchased here – make sure to use the discount code 35MMCTPS22

Enjoy the show!


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