NEWS: New Intrepid LF film Cameras & LIT Bluetooth Xenon Flash for your mobile

The LIT Mobile flash

A couple of little bits of news today from the opposite ends of the world of photography. The first is a new product from Marko Pirc; the chap who brought us the Lumu light meter. Marko has been in touch with me this morning to tell me about his new product, the LIT mobile flash which has just launched on Kickstarter here.

The LIT flash is a high-power bluetooth controlled flash for mobile phones that comes with its own photography app. Unlike many lights for mobile though, it isn’t LED, instead, and like “proper” flash guns, it uses Xenon lamps instead of LEDs. This apparently allows sync to 1/10,000th of a second and will freeze motion as well as accurately rendering colours.

This clearly isn’t the sort of product I would normally talk about here on 35mmc, but I have a lot of time for the Lumu lightmeter and have always been impressed by Marko’s approach to product design. In short, the Lumu is a great product, so I have no reason not to believe that this flash will be top-notch too!

Some shots of the app user interface – if it is anything like the Lumu interface, it will be brilliant:

You can find LIT on Kickstarter here


The Intrepid 4×5 MK4 and 8×10 MK2

Incase you aren’t already heard, Intrepid have just announced their 4×5 mk4 and 8×10 Mk2. Both cameras have been upgraded as follows:

“The introduction of the slim black aluminium base, providing an incredibly stable foundation. Screwed directly into the base the focus plate runs on linear metal guides, guaranteeing pin-sharp focus even with maximum bellows extension, or heavy lenses. The focus control -now a single self-locking wheel is then mounted at the rear directly below the ground glass, making it much easier to access and quicker to use.

The bellows, made from lightproof-lined vinyl are thicker and more durable than before but still handmade in-house. Holding the ground glass in place are high tension leaf spring clips – a first ever for the 8×10 which now also has 3D printed clips for speedy switching from landscape to portrait.”

The press release they sent me goes on to talk about all the sorts of positive messages I think we have all come to expect from the guys at Intrepid including their sustainable approach to manufacturing and the fact that they work closely with the community. I continue to have a lot of time for their products – if you are thinking about a new large format camera, increasingly, you can’t go wrong with an Intrepid

The new 8×0 mk2:

You can find the Intrepid website here

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