Film Photography and Street Photography Workshops, London 25/08/17 – Book your place now

Next Friday the 25th of August 2017 I will be in London running a film photography workshop. Straight after there is a street photography workshop run by Spyros from, and after that we are all getting together for a Beers & Cameras meet up.

All of this is being organised and sponsored by and CosySpeed – it is there fore cheap as chips to take part!

My workshop is £40, as is the street photography one – both together it’s only £60. 

There aren’t many spaces left!

How to pay

To pay for the workshop and to reserve your position you will need to make your deposit in COSYSPEED’s PayPal account which is [email protected].

Please use the following guidelines depending on which workshop(s) you want to attend:

Film Photography Workshop

Paypal account: [email protected]
Reason for deposit: #3rdASHMeeting – Hamish
Cost: £40

Flash Street Photography Workshop

Paypal account: [email protected]
Reason for deposit: #3rdASHMeeting – Spyros
Cost: £40

BOTH Workshops

Paypal account: [email protected]
Reason for deposit: #3rdASHMeeting – Both
Cost: £60

If you would like more details about the workshops you can find all the info here

If you have any questions about my workshop, please ask me in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “Film Photography and Street Photography Workshops, London 25/08/17 – Book your place now”

  1. Hi Hamish – long time London-based lurker, I’m pretty confident with my film street photography but would love to join for the beers, show some prints and chat photography with the gang, Is that an option?

        1. I’ve followed you – Will you follow me so I can DM you. I’m just trying to think of a good way to keep people up to date about where we are on the day.
          Maybe the plan will solidify before the day anyway…

  2. Eduardo Klein Fichtner

    Hello Hamish, good evening! I would like to know, if is possible, to film and to put on youtube your Workshop, because you are an influent person in analog camera market and shoud promote the analogic film way to go to others in many countries. i am in Brazil, for example. This kind of contend is amazinf for me, because I study Photography everyday, I develop my films black and white in my house, I shoot with 35mm, Pentax 67, Mamiya C330, and the next is the amazing Linhof 4×5 that are wait for me. So, if is possible, consider this great opportunuty for all. Analogic film are come back strongly in Europe and I think that many factories will produce more different films. Just for think. Thank you very much and success.

  3. Augh! We were in London early in June! Bad timing on my part…
    Hope everyone shoots London silly, trade great photo stories and mellows out with good beer!
    I’ll be with you in spirit 🙁

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