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By The Sunbeams

Greetings and shutter actuations film fans for another round up of the comings (and goings) at Sunny 16 Towers. March came in like a snow covered Lion, but we dug ourselves out and have been huddling round the C41 developing tanks to keep warm.

Show 91 was an epic assault on email mountain, and with Rachel busy doing cool stuff we had to call for backup in the splendid form of Mike Gutterman, host of the Negatives Positive Podcast. Mike’s podcast is all about his love of analogue photography and engaging with folks who feel the same way. He’s only been going since September but he’s already overtaken us in episodes so he’s definitely qualified for helping us out!

There was a ton of really good emails, from helpful advice to interesting questions and people letting us know what they’ve been up to. One of my favourites was the story of a listeners father who was taking pictures during his time in service in WWII. It was lovely personal story, and it really highlighted the value of the pictures we make and print.

We absolutely love getting emails from you listeners, they all get read and we do our best to share as many of them on the show as possible – questions, comments, advice and anecdotes, we want them all (although it’s easier to read them on the show if they aren’t too long!) You can, and should, email us at [email protected], we’ll be waiting!

If you haven’t listened to the Negatives Positive podcast yet, you should – Mike is a warm and engaging host who’s a delight to listen too. Although he releases more shows in a week than we do in a year they’re all bite sized nuggets of film photography goodness. Mike hit episode 100 this last week, and his celebration show with part time co-host (and previous guest on the Sunny 16 Podcast) Andre Domingues was wonderfully off the rails.

Speaking of delights, this week we were lucky enough to be joined by artist, photographer and model Dee Elegia. Dee is a portrait photographer who often uses herself as subject to create work with a very distinctive style. Her work has appeared in various venues online, in print and in galleries. You can find here website here: but please be aware that some of the images are NSFW. Unless you have a cool boss who can appreciate art without getting weirded out by a naked human.

It was great talking to Dee, her work is very different from anything we’ve spoken about before and features things a lot of us struggle with or avoid in our photography. Self portraits, nudity and working with models are definitely not things I’m confident with! It was fascinating getting an insight into her work, where it’s taken her and what it brings her.

Dee also edits and publishes the magazine Elston Gunn, a place to see diverse portraiture from diverse people.

So what else has been cooking? Well, this weekend sees the Photography show at the NEC in Birmingham, and the Sunny 16 meetup there on Sunday. If you want to join us, get over to and sign up for it, there’s still time and we hope to see you there! Personally I’m looking forwards to seeing all the goodies on the Lomography stand, watching hordes fighting over cameras at the Disabled Photographers Society stand and visiting the Tetenal UK stand to find out about the new liquid emulsions from Ilford!

And finally, there’s only 2 weeks left to get your Cheap Shots Challenge pictures in so get on it! We’ve already had some great submissions to our email address – just send us your two favourite shots with your cheap shots camera on the subject of Sports and Activities, and your pictures will get judged on the show! And who will be doing the judging you may ask? I can EXCLUSIVELY reveal here that your Magnificent Judge for this round is none other than all round legend Mike Padua from!

Well that’s it for now, tune in next time for the hot goss from the Photography Show and the winners and losers from the Cheap Shots Challenge. Until then you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course on the podcast.

Shoot film, be nice, and do something brave with your photography this month.

The Sunbeams

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