NEWS: Dubblefilm release two new DAILY films

Barcelona-based Dubblefilm has just dropped two new films today for us to try, DAILY color and DAILY black & white!

Current offerings from Dubblefilm are more experimental and specialist films with effects on the emulsions. SOLAR for example has been pre-light-leaked before sale for some truly interesting results. If that’s not your bag then these films just might be.

Both DAILY emulsions perform as their name might make you expect – they are suitable for shooting daily in a more wide range of conditions! Complementary to their SHOW cameras released last year which tend to need faster films – DAILY films are both 400 ISO.

DAILY Colour

135 format – 24x36mm
Iso 400
27 exposure
Process C-41
Retail €10

The samples look like DAILY color really shines in the sun but still keeps good shadow detail and could tolerate a good bit of underexposure, expect neutral colours and fine grain. Very useful to load up if you’re going to be using your camera at different times of the day and not have to worry if you’ve got enough speed as the day draws on. It is said to be good in low light too.     

DAILY black & white

ISO 400
36 exposure
Process b&w
Retail €6


DAILY black & white is medium grained with a wide range of greys that offer a soft contrast that can give you a lot to play with in print/post.

Both DAILY films are another great addition to Dubblefilms selection and another win for the film photography community. Who would have thought five years ago we would see new films being released and the rate at which they are! You can check them out on Dubblefilm’s shop here

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3 thoughts on “NEWS: Dubblefilm release two new DAILY films”

  1. Sacha Cloutier

    Do you know if these are rebranded, emulsions made for them or totally new emulsions that they have created?

    1. Dubblefilm is usually rebranded Kodak. This could be any “Kodak 400” variant, and certainly has these gold-ish tones.

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