Author name: Josh Foster


Lomography Lomograflok Review – By Josh Foster

The announcement of the Lomography Lomograflok some time ago was something that really grabbed my attention – being able to shoot Instax film with my 5×4 camera is just something that appeals to me! The last time I used instant film was some peel-apart and that was about four years ago when I managed to nab some FP100C on eBay. I thought it was expensive even back then, great fun but not an everyday film by any means. Looking at the prices now I just can’t justify buying any, especially with no guarantee of how well it’s been stored and its subsequent results based on that, it just feels too risky.

NEWS: AuRA Rotary Assist Film Developing Machine – Kickstarter Launch

AuRA Rotary Assist, a new solution for rotary processing has launched on Kickstarter by Viktor Falendysh, and I have to say this one has me pretty excited! I’ve spent many an hour browsing online for various old Jobo rotary processors only to be put off by the potential of breakage and the lack of parts to replace worn-out components. I also don’t have £3000 to drop on something like a new Jobo CPP3 – as mighty machines as they are, they can be a little lofty for budget users! So as always I slink back to my reliable yet tiresome manual tanks.

NEWS: Dubblefilm release two new DAILY films

Barcelona-based Dubblefilm has just dropped two new films today for us to try, DAILY color and DAILY black & white!

Current offerings from Dubblefilm are more experimental and specialist films with effects on the emulsions. SOLAR for example has been pre-light-leaked before sale for some truly interesting results. If that’s not your bag then these films just might be.

Both DAILY emulsions perform as their name might make you expect – they are suitable for shooting daily in a more wide range of conditions! Complementary to their SHOW cameras released last year which tend to need faster films – DAILY films are both 400 ISO.

Kosmo Foto ‘Agent Shadow’ Launches On Kickstarter

Kosmo Foto have just launched their new film ‘Agent Shadow’ on Kickstarter. Agent Shadow is a 35mm black and white panchromatic film with a box speed of 400 ISO but can be rated to at least 3200 ISO! It boasts a wide exposure latitude and good shadow detail retention with Kosmo suggesting it’s perfect for street, documentary, and travel work.

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