Konica Tomato – Five Frames – By Kevan Wilkinson

By Kevan Wilkinson

These days, I shoot digital photography most of the time, but I always bring one of my film cameras wherever I go, just in case I see something that warrants analog photography. While hanging out in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, I decided to shoot a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 with my Konica Tomato. This is a compact point-and-shoot camera with a reasonably sharp Konica f/4 autofocus lens that was introduced in the mid-1980s. It has a sturdy plastic body, a comfortable grip, and manual ISO selection ranging from 100 to 400.

The Konica Tomato was only available in vibrant red, just like a ruby ripe tomato from the garden. But don’t let the Konica Tomato’s fun-looking appearance fool you. The Tomato is capable of producing excellent images in well-lit situations. For this particular roll, I snapped pictures of old buildings, famous retailers, and cool-looking signage. It was a warm afternoon with clear blue skies, so everything was bright and colorful and suited perfectly for Kodak Ektar 100. 

los angeles architecture picture taken with konica tomato camera bookstore picture taken with konica tomato camera beverly hills Wilshire beverly hills

I hope you enjoyed this short review of the Konica Tomato and the images.
You can see more of my film photography work on my website.

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