First shots with the Leitz Elmar 50mm f/3.5 (and Leica iiic)

By Hamish Gill

Concurrently to the first roll I put through the Contax T3, I also shot my first shots with the Leitz Elmar 50mm f/3.5. The iiic being the camera I am giving away in this competition – I thought “id better test it make sure it works ok. As it goes, it turns out it could do with the rangefinder having a little bit of a clean, or maybe a re-silver, or whatever they would do to make it a bit brighter. Good news for the winner I suppose, as I have decided that before it goes to it’s new owner, it is going for a CLA.

As for the Leitz Elmar 50mm f/3.5… It is a coated one from 1948, though I’m not sure there is a great deal left of the coating, and it is a little on the hazy side. This first set of results is pretty much as I expected they would be, they look like they were taken on a 70 year slightly hazy lens. Still, they are not without charm, and it will be interesting to see the difference once the lens has has a bit of a clean.

As usual, the photos are uploaded to flickr big enough for close inspection should you wish to closely inspect them. One thing you will find is a good chunk of resolving power in that lens – and that is despite the haze!

Leica iiic and elmar
Powick Mill on a particularly drab, slightly misty day. Combined with the hazy lens, the resultant photo perhaps lacks a little punch. Though I quite like it – seems to suit the subject


Leica iiic and elmar
A few ducks


Leica iiic and elmar
I’ve taken these pylons loads of times, I’m never happy with the outcome. This time I got the comp ok, but the image has a little motion blur I think… ah well…


Leica iiic and elmar
They spotted me


Leica iiic and elmar
Powick Mill from the other side


Leica iiic and elmar
Resolution, but little overall contrast.


Leica iiic and elmar
I’m yet to find out what all these ribbons are about



Leica iiic and elmar
Shot through windows of a empty shop unit in town


Leica iiic and elmar
Part of Worcester’s skyline


Leica iiic and elmar
I’ve taken this photo so many times, as have most people with a camera in Worcester. Im pleased with the light on this occasion though!

Cheers for reading



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