Limited Edition 24K Gold SX-70 Available Now from Retrospekt

By Molly Kate

If you have $999 in the budget to spend on an instant camera, you can now buy one of fifty limited edition 24K gold plated Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Sold by Retrospekt, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, existing SX-70 cameras are repaired, re-skinned with Italian leather, and finished with new 24K gold plating.

Retrospekt is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the SX-70 camera, which was invented by Edwin Land and Alfred Bellows in Massachusetts, USA. The patent was granted to the Polaroid Corporation in 1972 and the camera (with film) was released the same year. A first of its kind, the invention of the one-step, self-contained instant camera was driven by Land but materialized by a village, including feedback from quite a few engaged consultant photographers such as Marie Cosindas and Ansel Adams. (Source: MIT Archives & Harvard Library Polaroid Collection)

24k sx-70 from retrospekt with packaging
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Each SX-70 from Retrospekt is disassembled, cleaned, repaired (if necessary), and then re-plated with the 24K gold. The team ensures the cameras are fully functioning when placed on the site for sale with a 90-day warranty period. Embossed on the genuine leather camera skin is the anniversary emblem as well as each unit number out of the fifty.

24k sx-70 from retrospekt
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Our mission is to give you a product with years of history that works like it was made yesterday. – Retrospekt

Since 2010 the company, owned by Kori and Adam Fuerst, has been in the business of refurbishing vintage electronics like the Polaroid cameras. Having over 250,000 repairs under their belt, you can rely on their experience and assurance, especially when they are even using the original Polaroid tools made for repairs. (Source:

24k sx-70 from retrospekt
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Retrospekt says the gold is considered a “living” material and that the appearance can change over time with exposure to natural elements or from oils in the skin when handling. With 99.7% purity, they include a recommendation for care of the plating, ‘Over time, the finish can oxidize and develop a patina. To decrease these effects, take special care in cleaning and handling your camera. Do not use cleaners that are designed for other metals. The best way to polish the camera is to use a soft cloth and no moisture.’ (Source:

The 24K gold plated Polaroids are up for sale now until the fifty are gone on Retrospekt’s website here.

News was first seen as reported on Peta Pixel here.

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Andy would have loved it ;))

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