Analogue Wonderland Launches Club AW Loyalty Program for Customers

By Molly Kate

Analogue Wonderland, a leading analogue photography retailer and film lab in the UK, has refreshed their loyalty program recently. The new store rewards system, now called Club AW, will make it simpler and easier for customers and supporters to access discounts and deals on items.

It is free to sign up for the program on Analogue Wonderland’s website, but they also have a brilliant app where you can sign up as well (and start shopping). Simply creating a customer account will earn you 100 points!

I have been an Analogue Wonderland customer since I came to the UK in late 2019, finding it to have competetive prices and a strong community spirit. The customer loyalty program is great, although it has enabled me to spend much too easily on film goodies than is healthy for my budget!

man peeking out from behind a hanger of negatives in a film lab
Image courtesy of Analogue Wonderland

Easier and Simpler Points Based Rewards

Club AW has made it easier and simpler to attain membership levels and access discounts. First, everyone will earn a flat 5 Wonderpoints (loyalty points) for every £1 spent. This includes spending in the store or on film processing at the Wonderlab.

Second, there will only be two tiers going forward, Club Candidates and Club Members. Club Candidates are customers who have signed up for the program but have less than 500 Wonderpoints. Once you attain the 500 points you become a Club Member!

Third, there will be more ways to earn points aside from spending. Simply sharing or liking on social media can get you points. Writing a film review on the Analogue Wonderland site can also earn you points. There is a limit however on how many times you can do this per month. Sharing on Facebook/Twitter can be done once a month while writing a film review can be done five times per month. See the details here for the chart of exactly what you can do and how many times you can do it to earn points.

AW says, ‘We want to put more emphasis on the film community: customers can earn points through things like posting (honest) film reviews with sample photos, following us on social media, and engaging in the film community. All things which are really helpful for us at Analogue Wonderland, but also good for the community overall.’

Now, let’s talk about the exclusive deals! If you visit the Analogue Wonderland store on the desktop webpage or in the app, you will see a general section for deals. These are discounts open to all shoppers. With Club AW, there will be exclusive discounts and deals specific to members every month. These will be available within the membership area on the website as well as the app.

Marina from AW holding a camera, taking a photo of the photographer
Image courtesy of Analogue Wonderland

Redeeming Rewards

Points earned translate into £5 for every 500 points earned. They can be redeemed in increments (500pts, 1,000pts, 2,500pts, or 10,000pts) which are shown in the rewards program section on the site or app. Points can be used in store, film lab, and even the Wonderbox subscription.

Time for a change

The Analogue Wonderland loyalty program has been running for three years and the team mentions the change as a response to customer and community feedback around the mechanics of the system but also the cost of living in the UK at the moment.

AW says, ‘We have been thinking about ways we could refresh our rewards scheme for a while. We know that costs are rising for everybody, across all aspects of their lives and household budgets, and we wanted a system that would help us keep costs on film and developing low for our community. Sadly there’s no magic wand to revert film prices back to what they were 5 years ago! But by rewarding our customers based on all the activities they do to support the Analogue Wonderland business – as well as increasing the earning rates for WonderPoints – we can flow some decent savings and perks back. Thus keeping the cost of film photography as low as possible for those folk who are invested in analogue as their job or hobby.

It goes back to what we’re all about as a community business: trying to make film photography as fun and accessible as possible, and we thought we could improve our loyalty program to better reflect that purpose!’

Photographers on a photowalk at night, taken with flash
Image courtesy of Analogue Wonderland. Photographers on a photowalk!

Engage with Club AW

Analogue Wonderland have opened up their Facebook VIP group to all Club AW members. The group is moderated by Emma and Neil Piper (AW’s long-serving ambassador) to keep the atmosphere respectful and fun. The Facebook group is a way to engage with the community, share photos, and get tips and advice from fellow passionate film photographers. (source: Analogue Wonderland) If you do not have Facebook or prefer to engage in other places, don’t be shy to ask how you can stay involved or updated from the team. 

‘We are so excited about the launch of our new rewards scheme! With Club AW everyone can get involved, and we can’t wait to see more of our customers get involved with the film community that we love so much!’ – Emma, Marketing Assistant at Analogue Wonderland.

Paul McKay, Co-founder of Analogue Wonderland says, ‘We’ve been working on this for nearly half a year, on-and-off! We were getting really hung up on different things that we could try and build in, or trying to make decisions on set perks well in advance, or fancy things we could do with the website to change things up. But then – about a month ago – we decided to cut back, make it super simple and just focus on what we really care about: fun and accessibility for the film photography community. And as soon as we made that choice we stopped worrying about all the details and just threw ourselves into trying to make a Club that we’d all want to join!’

I’ve logged in to my account on Analogue Wonderland and checked out the new details in the rewards area. Everything looks smoothly transitioned and ready to go. Points carry over to the new system so no one will lose any. Now to start writing more film reviews…

Screenshot of Analogue Wonderland website with the rewards area circled in red pen
Screenshot of Analogue Wonderland’s website with the Club AW members area circled in red.

See more information about Club AW on their dedicated webpage here.

Images provided by and used with permission from Analogue Wonderland. 

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