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ROUND-UP: Camera Reviews from the Film Photography Blogosphere

We’d like to bring you a new kind of post today, a round-up of all the latest camera reviews from known bloggers in the film photography community. Each of these film blogs offers readers insightful information and personal takes on a large variety of cameras and we’d like to share more of their wonderful work, thoughts, and points of view.

A camera can be reviewed by ten different folks and you’ll get ten completely different perspectives on it. Ten different stories, styles, and sets of sample images. Here is the latest set of reviews from the analogue blogosphere!

Praktica Super TL
Image per Cameragocamera by Peggy Marsh

Praktica Super TL – Cameragocamera by Peggy Marsh

“It did what it said on the tin, but didn’t wow me.”

Read it here.

Nikon F3
Image per Aly’s Vintage Camera Alley by Alyssa Chiarello

The Nikon F3 – Greatest Legendary Classic

Aly’s Vintage Camera Alley by Alyssa Chiarello

“As I researched the Nikon F3, right away titles with words like the greatest SLR ever made, Legendary, and Classic all jumped out at me.”

Read it here.

Disposable camera
Image per Analogue Archivist by Lisa Murphy

Disneyland on a Disposable

Analogue Archivist by Lisa Murphy

“We arrived in Paris and made our way straight to Disneyland for our first day at the parks. I left the Trip and OM-2 with our luggage and headed off with only the disposable. I was happy with my decision as the weather took a turn and it began to rain, so it was nice not to worry about my cameras getting wet in the backpack.”

Read it here.

Camera Review Blog No. 162 – Canon AL-1

Alex Luyckx

“The AL-1 is not a well-made camera, it’s almost as if Canon was ready to wind up the entire A-Series and move onto the next big thing.”

Read it here.

Rollei 35
Image per PhotoThinking by Theo Panagopoulos

Rollei 35 – Not just small

PhotoThinking by Theo Panagopoulos

“Small! Or more correctly, “Klein!”. That must have been the word Heinz Waaske would have had rolling around in his mind when he designed the Rollei 35 in the 1960s.”

Read it here.

Canon VT de luxe (1957)
Image rights: Mike Eckman

Canon VT de luxe (1957): Mike Eckman

“The Canon VT de luxe was one of the most significant improvements to the original interchangeable lens Canon rangefinder family. A complete redesign of the top plate, with improved viewfinder, hinged back, and trigger film advance on the bottom plate gives the VT de luxe the feeling of a completely new camera compared to the earlier Canon IV series.”

Read it here.

The Nikkor S Mount W 3.5cm F2.5 Lens, A Lovely Bit of Glass

Bill Smith’s Photography

“I’m happy with the performance of the W 3.5cm F2.5 lens and I can’t wait to try it in colour.”

Read it here.

Leitz 90mm Tele-Elmarit Thin
Image rights: Johnny Martyr

Leitz 90mm Tele-Elmarit Thin Review: Johnny Martyr

It turns out that if you want the smallest 90 Elmarit possible, your choice comes down to those marked “Tele-Elmarit.”

Read it here.

Kodak Ektar H35N
Image per Austerityphoto by Alan Duncan

Half pint class with a Glass – Kodak Ektar H35N

Austerityphoto by Alan Duncan

“Another month, another premium Half-Frame. Reto is back with an updated version of arguably the most talked-about film camera of 2022. But does the Ektar H35N live up to the hype of its predecessor? Nope – it smashes it. Arguably the best plastic fantastic both half or full frame in years. So I decided to take it to Helsinki.”

Read it here.

Kamera--Werkståtten (KW) Praktica FX
Image per TheGasHaus by Mark Faulkner

Kamera–Werkståtten (KW) Praktica FX

TheGasHaus by Mark Faulkner

“This is the Kamera-Werkståtten Praktica FX, a waist-level finder SLR produced in Dresden, Germany between 1952 and 1954.”

Read it here.

Kodak EasyShare Z710
Image per Down the Road by Jim Grey

Kodak EasyShare Z710

Down the Road by Jim Grey

“The more EasyShare cameras from Kodak that I use, the more I’m sad that Kodak exited the digital camera business.”

Read it here.

Adox 300
Image per Casual Photophile by James Tocchio

Adox 300 Review – a 35mm Film Camera with Interchangeable Film Magazines

Casual Photophile by James Tocchio

“I’ve been using the Adox 300 off and on for a number of months in various shooting conditions with all varieties of film. The results have been a mix of good and decent, with a few bad frames brought about by the camera’s inherent weaknesses and the inherent challenge of shooting a seventy-year-old all-manual camera.”

Read it here.

The Contax 645
Screenshot Image per EMULSIVE by Emmet Brown

The Contax 645: Not just a wedding camera

EMULSIVE by Emmet Brown

“I’ve always hankered after a CONTAX 645 there had only been one thing stopping me in the past, format. I had become used to shooting squares and going to 4:3 concerned me.”

Read it here.

Mamiya RZ67 Professional II
Image per Analog Cafe by Dmitri

Mamiya RZ67 Professional II Camera Review

Analog Cafe by Dmitri

“Overall, I found RZ67 surprisingly ergonomic and comfortable. A few quirks aside, it’s no more challenging to use than a folding rangefinder, and its only real downside is an easy-to-accidentally-trigger shutter button (though it does have a lock toggle).”

Read it here.

Olympus Pen EE3
Image per Kosmo Foto by George Griffin

Olympus Pen EE3 review by George Griffin: Kosmo Foto

“Originally I bought a Reto/Kodak H35 camera but was not impressed with the build quality, although the images were OK. After reading my post, Andrew Bartram offered me a loan of one of his Olympus Pen EE3s. I have since bought the camera from him.”

Read it here.

Bencini Koroll
Image per Dan Cuny’s Camera Collecting Blog

Bencini Koroll: Dan Cuny’s Camera Collecting Blog

“The one unique feature I like about this camera is the pull-out ‘foot,’ which stabilizes the camera when you put it on a table or flat surface. Using the foot is especially helpful when the lens is pulled out and in the ‘taking position.’”

Read it here.

That’s it for this week’s blogger round-up! There are a lot of interesting cameras in the mix to read and learn about. Hope you found something interesting and we’ll be back with another round up in two weeks time or so.

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  1. So glad to see the single-use camera at Disney. Years ago for a magazine I did a story on going to Disney with a single-use camera. Working with the PR folks at Disney we were able to gather a dozen or so kids with their parents from one of the resort hotels to take part. We gave each kid a camera and I tagged along with my Nikon 8008 to capture their adventure. Later in the day we had their film processed and shared the images with the kids. They did a marvelous job with their own unique perspective. I later took some of my favorite shots of theirs and replicated them on my Nikon and in the magazine we put it all together into a fun story.

  2. This is going to be fun and a great addition to 35mmc. It’s nice to have someone help navigate photography on the web. Thanks for the recommendations, and I look forward to more of this feature! 🙂

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