Website issue: Emails not working

Just a note, if you receive email updates from the website, you might notice they are currently a little flakey. A lot of people have reported that when they click the link in the email, the website just brings up a blank page. I just wanted to let everyone know, I am aware of this issue, I am just holding fire from trying to fix it as the whole new version of the website is being launched very soon.

If you want to sign up for email notifications for when they do work, this can be done via the box in the sidebar/footer. And if you would like to contribute to the ongoing upkeep of this behemoth of a website, don’t forget you can subscribe or contribute content 

Thanks, and apologies again for the inconveniences of the current site… nearly there, it will be awesome again soon, promise!

Edit: Somewhat ironically, the email the corresponded to this post seemed to work fine for me. Did anyone else have an issue with the empty white screen again?

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7 thoughts on “Website issue: Emails not working”

  1. Thanks for the information about ‘flakey’ links. I’ve had the blank page problem and, despite being a subscriber, the continued ads plus more recently the google ads as a bottom bar. These are features on my iPhone but not on my apple laptop….. Will the relaunched app fix all this in one go? I suspect it’s a Jetpack issue but who knows? Tim.

  2. Hi Hamish,
    The “Trouble Clicking? Copy and post this URL into your browser…” link at the bottrm of the email works fine.
    That how I’ve been reading the posts for the past week.

  3. Hi Hamish,

    Interestingly, the links in all of the 35mmc emails sent out today work just fine on both my PC and iPhone. But the links in all emails sent out before today still open onto blank screens!



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