Traveling Yashica

The Traveling Yashica: Austin Beeman – Ohio, USA

I received the Yashica T5 just in time to take it to the Film Photography Podcast’s 2014 Walking Workshop in Findlay, Ohio. This was only an hour or so south of my hometown of Toledo, Ohio and so I attended all three days.

I had loaded the Yashica with LomoChrome Purple. This strange film from Lomography creates false colors, where blue becomes green and green becomes purple. It loosely approximates the classic Infrared film Aerochrome.

In the afternoon of the first day, it was time for a photowalk. Part of the group walked around Findlay and part went over to the fairgrounds for Findlay Armed Services day. There has probably never been a better collection of cool green subjects to shoot with the weird LomoChrome. The best results struck me as old-timey photographs of an alien army.

The Yashica T5 handled beautifully and exposed crisp, sharp images quickly and quietly in every situation. There were no problems except that they are too expensive for me to just rush out and buy one. The best part of the camera, for me, was the superscope that allows for waist level photography.

Traveling Yashica Austin -5

Traveling Yashica Austin -4

Traveling Yashica Austin -3

Traveling Yashica Austin -2

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