Big News: The “Analogue Spotlight” is coming to The Photography Show 2020!

The Photography Show 2020 is set to have a much bigger Analogue Photography presence with a new “Analogue Spotlight” feature and a significantly increased contingent of analogue photography businesses and individuals having stands or a presence at the show.

If you’re anything like me, you might have been to The Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham and wondered just how much more you’d enjoy it if there was a little corner entirely dedicated to the world of analogue photography. Even if you haven’t wondered that, I certainly did, which is why I approached the organisers of the show earlier this year with a bit of an idea to change things up for our community and industry.

In fact, last years show was for me the best yet. There were more analogue companies there than ever before – even I shared a tiny corner of the Paterson stand to show off pixl-latr. But though I had contacted TPS previous to last years show, the experience really hammered home to me how great it would be if lots of other micro-businesses like pixl-latr could all have a little corner of a stand.

And so, after few meetings with the excellent team at TPS since then, the idea of The Analogue Spotlight was born. The Analogue Spotlight feature is going to be for all things analogue in 2020. At the core of the feature there will be a meeting area and demonstration zone where analogue companies and individuals can demonstrate either their products or processes that are unique to the world of analogue photography. Surrounding the demonstration zone will be a series of “pods” for micro-businesses to show off their Analogue Photography products or services.

Companies already signed up to have a micro-stand on the Analogue Spotlight stand include myself with pixl-latr, Chroma Camera, Analogue Wonderland, SilverPan Film Lab and Kosmo Foto.

Either adjacent to, or very nearby this new Analogue Spotlight feature, will then be a bunch of other bigger analogue photography stands including Solarcan, Paterson and Intrepid.

The basis of the plans has only just been set in stone, but I know for a fact that there are already a lot more Analogue Photography related attractions in the works too. I asked the guys at TPS to share a few thoughts on this for this announcement:

We’re really pleased to be including our ‘Analogue Spotlight’ feature at The Photography Show for 2020. We know how popular analogue is now and how many innovative businesses and products there are out there, so we’re really excited to showcase these and hopefully do our bit to support the vibrant analogue community!

When Hamish got in touch with his idea to bring these micro-businesses together, we jumped at the chance to put something together that could highlight the variety of products as well as the techniques and processes involved in modern analogue photography.

Analogue Spotlight includes a number of purpose-built ‘pods’ for micro-businesses, and a presentation area for product demos and talks about analogue. Larger stands being occupied in the surrounding area, this will make for a hub of analogue activity.

As well as the stands, we are also looking to bring other analogue attractions to the show, so if you’re an analogue photography business, professional, a blogger, YouTuber or podcaster, then why not get in touch. We’d love to hear any ideas you might have. We also have a pods on the Analogue Spotlight feature and in the surrounding area ready for analogue photography businesses to take.

So yeah, you heard it here first! The Photography Show 2020 is now for us analogue folks too. Please spread the word, and as the guys at TPS say, get in touch if you have any ideas for the show.

The person to get in touch with at The Photography Show is Sophie – [email protected]

Finally, if you want to come to the show you can get yourself a ticket using my special 20% off code: 35MMCTPS20 here

… And stay tuned for more exciting info!

Important Information

Analogue Spotlight at The Photography Show: The Photography Show 2020 is set to have a much bigger Analogue Photography presence with a new “Analogue Spotlight” feature and a significantly increased contingent of analogue photography businesses and individuals having stands or a presence at the show.
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  • Avatar
    jeremy north
    December 20, 2019 at 9:43 am

    This is brilliant Hamish. A real coup for the analogue world. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Charles Higham
    December 20, 2019 at 5:39 pm

    That’s good to hear. I may well go Birmingham to see this show in March, and thanks for the 20% off code!.

  • Avatar
    Military Time Chart
    December 21, 2019 at 6:13 am

    Photography Show 2020 will be bigger Analogue Photography presence. I hope features the successful feature will present there.

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