NEWS: Negative Supply Launches the 4×5 Light Source Pro Upgrade at Lower Price

By Molly Kate

On the heels of the recent Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2 announcement, today Negative Supply introduces a new pro-level light source called the 4×5 Light Source Pro. Intended to replace the 5×7 Light Source Pro, this improved light source has also been bundled with other Negative Supply Pro products for an ultimate Pro-level Kit that can be used for all scanning needs up to 4×5 size film.

Taking notes from the previous production of the Light Source Mini, the 4×5 Light Source Pro has the same custom design and internal acrylic which boosts the brightness, provides a higher CRI rating, and increases light uniformity for larger sizes of film. Negative Supply has also been working to bring more of its manufacturing process in-house to create cost savings which the company aims to pass on to its customers.

“The 4×5 Light Source Pro is the next of our latest generation of light sources. This is the follow-up to our very popular 5×7 Light Source Pro. With a more compact design and still dedicated to users who are scanning 35mm, 120, and 4×5 film, this light is designed with the same build quality you’d come to expect from our Pro line of tools.” – Negative Supply

Negative Supply new 4x5 Light Source Pro product image
Image courtesy of Negative Supply

There are two options to select from if you are interested in adding the 4×5 Light Source Pro to your scanning kit, one rated at 97 CRI priced to $499 and the other at 99 CRI priced to $699 (approx. $100 cheaper than the 5×7 Light Source Pro depending on where you purchase). The CRI rating is for color accuracy and reproduction with a score of 99 being as close to perfection as possible. Negative Supply says the 99 CRI light source is created with the “most discerning” user in mind.

Previously, a Pro Mount MK2 had to be used with the 5×7 Light Source Pro to mask off extra light when using various adapter plates for scanning different film sizes. Now, with the 4×5’s more compact size, it is capable of using Negative Supply’s adapter plates and film carriers directly on the light source. The 4×5 Light Source Pro is also compatible with accessories that fit the Light Source Mini and 4×5 Light Source Basic.

Negative Supply new 4x5 Light Source Pro with the scanning film carrier on top
Image courtesy of Negative Supply

Negative Supply’s Pro-level products are intended for users who clock in long scanning sessions and need equipment that can handle it, especially when it comes to heat dissipation. While the previous 5×7 Light Source Pro was capable of this, the manufacturing cost was high. With the new 4×5 Light Source Pro, the company has integrated what they’ve learned about heat technologies to make the same quality and efficiency but in a smaller, less expensive package.

Negative Supply new 4x5 Light Source Pro in a new Pro Kit Bundle
Image courtesy of Negative Supply

As Negative Supply creates so many different parts for their scanning system, to help those looking for a complete setup, the company has introduced bundles called kits. With the new 4×5 Light Source Pro, they have created a new Pro Kit for 35mm, 120, and 4×5 scanning which includes all the pieces one would need to scan these three formats for $2499.

To find more information about the Pro Kit for the 4×5 Light Source Pro, head over to the product page linked here.

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