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NEWS: ‘Negative Supply’ for 120 hits Kickstarter & ‘FilmLab App’ Preview Version for Mac and Windows

After thier successful previous campaign, Negative Supply have just launched their new ‘Film Carrier 120’ on Kickstarter. As you might gather by the name, this new film carrier takes the original concept for transporting and holding 35mm film flat for digitisation with a digital camera, and expands it to hold 120 film.

Negative Supply Film Carrier MK1 for camera scanning Launched on Kickstarter

As the inventor of pixl-latr, you might guess the film scanning with a digital camera space is a very interesting and exciting topic to me. Which is why when new products that occupy this space come to market, my ears prick up. Actually, in many ways the Negative Supply Film Carrier is a competing product to pixl-latr, but in no way does that discourage me from wanting to share it here. To my mind – with the likes of even Noritsu ceasing production of film scanners – the more products and innovation in this space, the better!  

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