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NEWS: Atlanta Film Co. Releases Limited Edition Koji 125T Colour Cine Film

Once again, Atlanta Film Co. delights the film community with the limited edition release of KOJI 125T, a tungsten-based colour-negative film intended for ECN-2 processing.

KOJI 125T originates from the Fujifilm Reala Super-F series of cinema film released in 1999. While the film was discountinued in the early 2010’s, Atlanta Film Co. managed to obtain a batch of cold-stored F-125 (8532) from a cinematographer who bought it new before production stopped. The product name, KOJI, is a fun blend of Fujifilm and Kodak: film from Fujifilm and ECN-2 chemistry (to process it in) from Kodak.

We at Atlanta Film Co. acquired and tested this film and we were incredibly pleased with its results! While this film is already expired by nearly a decade, we are pleased with its results because of its pristine storage, slowing the film ageing process.

Based on our feedback from our local ECN-2 lab manager, “This is some of the best FUJIFILM that has come through our lab in a long time.” – Atlanta Film Co. Press Release

woman looking out a window shot on koji 125t
Image provided by Atlanta Film Co. Photograph by Sidarth Kantamneni

Offering photographers saturated colours and enhanced grain in the shadows, KOJI stands out with its signature green cast in the highlights. As for skin tones, the film provides only a slight saturation.

The ISO on the box is 125 but Atlanta Film Co. advises, based on their tests, to shoot the film at 100 and meter for the shadows. No DX codes are marked on the canisters and each roll comes with 36 exposures. There is a rem-jet layer on this film meaning that it cannot be processed in C41 chemistry without removing the rem-jet layer first.

man using payphone shot on koji 125t
Image provided by Atlanta Film Co. Photo credits to Thais Castralli & Craig Boydston

Atlanta Film Co. says it’s unlikely they will be able to stock this film again after it runs out. There is a 10-roll limit per order, so don’t sit on this one if it interests you!

You can purchase KOJI 125T, priced at 12.99 USD, on Atlanta Film Co.’s website here.

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2 thoughts on “NEWS: Atlanta Film Co. Releases Limited Edition Koji 125T Colour Cine Film”

  1. Good to see all these films coming out!
    Personally I yearn for simple Ektachrome E100vs to be re-released.
    My favourite travel film and one on which I made my favourite photos over the years.

  2. The colors are amazing! I shoot a few Silversalz 250D rolls. I really dig the colors, grain, and look of cinematic film. I’d love to see more of this stuff come to Europe at a more reasonable price point.

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