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NEWS: Atlanta Film Co. Releases Limited Edition Koji 125T Colour Cine Film

Once again, Atlanta Film Co. delights the film community with the limited edition release of KOJI 125T, a tungsten-based colour-negative film intended for ECN-2 processing. KOJI 125T originates from the Fujifilm Reala Super-F series of cinema film released in 1999. While the film was discountinued in the early 2010’s, Atlanta Film Co. managed to obtain …

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euphoric 100 film product shot

Atlanta Film Co. Releases Color Reversal Cine Film Euphoric for Still Photographers

Atlanta Film Co. is releasing another motion picture film for still photographers, but unlike their previous release of color negative 250D, 500T, and 200T, this time it’s a color reversal motion picture film named Euphoric.

Euphoric 100 is Eastman Kodak Color Reversal Film 5294/7294 hand-rolled into 35mm canisters with 36 exposures for still film cameras. It is available for pre-order now on the Atlanta Film Co. website here and orders are expected to be fulfilled as early as October 31, 2022. The price will be USD 13.49 (before tax and shipping).

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Atlanta Film Co. Offers New Cinema Film and ECN-2 Processing in Same Lab as Major Motion Pictures

Bill Manning, host of the Studio C-41 podcast, and now one of the founders behind newly launched Atlantic Film Co, gave us the scoop on his new startup where you can buy more affordably-priced and well stocked colour cine film and have it processed in the same lab as major motion picture films.

Atlanta Film Co, which launched in June 2022, has partnered with Atlanta-based photo store and film lab, Dunwoody Photo, and Kodak Motion Picture Lab Atlanta (“KMPLA”) to bring still photographers a special system to purchase and develop colour cinema film using the same process as major movie productions.

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