VALOI easy35 film scanning set up held by a person on a desk

NEWS: VALOI Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for “easy35” Making Quality 35mm Scanning Effortless and Compact

VALOI is simplifying the process of scanning 35mm film at home with the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign for the “easy35”. The VALOI easy35 design is compact and simple to use but also maintains high-quality standards found in VALOI’s other professional scanning products. With hardly any space or equipment required, this new product will suit those who want to scan on the go or need something to fit a small space allowance.

The VALOI easy35 requires a digital camera and a macro lens. Spacer tubes attach to the end of the macro lens leading to a housing unit for the light source where the film slides through. No calibration is needed to begin using the system. Users only have to select the right number of spacer tubes based on the lens, turn on the light source, adjust the film gate rotation, slide the film in, focus, and click.

The VALOI easy35 is a result of interacting with customers and thinking about how to make camera scanning easier. The traditional way of doing camera scanning requires a bit of setup and a bit of space – the easy35 aims to solve that for those who want to scan 35mm film at home. Inspired by the compactness of slide copiers but the speed and quality of modern camera scanning systems, we have created a perfect hybrid. – VALOI Team

VALOI easy35 film scanning set up pieces
Image courtesy of VALOI

Image courtesy of VALOI

Product Details

The system is designed to be light enough so as to not cause damage to the camera lens. Spacer tubes are made from machined aluminium with a matte black finish to eliminate reflections. Housing for the light and film is built with durable Nylon which is also finished black. The entire set-up is protected from stray light which may impact the final scan quality.

VALOI easy35 film scanning system piece close up
Image courtesy of VALOI

VALOI easy35 film scanning system piece close up
Image courtesy of VALOI

Within the housing is a high-CRI light source with a built-in battery chargeable by USB-C, an android phone user’s delight!

VALOI easy35 film scanning set up pieces
Image courtesy of VALOI

A standard 35mm film holder is provided but there will be the option to change or expand to include holders for sprocket edges, mounted slides, APS, 110, and 126 film. These additional holders will become available later in the year after the Kickstarter batch has shipped and regular sales commence.

The holder design is borrowed from the VALOI 360 system 35mm Holder that features a double S-curve which makes the film lie flat and works with film strips at least 2 frames long.

Compatible lenses include the majority of macro lenses between 50-105mm for full frame sensors and 40-70mm for the APS-C variety.

VALOI easy35 film scanning set up held by a person on a desk attached to a small camera with a macro lens
Image courtesy of VALOI

Campaign Details

The VALOI Easy35 will be funded by an IndieGoGo campaign which hopes to raise €60K to cover producing the first batch. The final retail price is set at €199 but campaign backers will be able to receive the product for much less. Early Bird options start at €139.

The company is no stranger to crowdfunding as they completed a €100K Kickstarter to create a successful line of professional scanning products as well as assisting with Kamerastore’s outstanding Santa Color 100 campaign.

To find out more information or back the project which is now live, head over to the IndieGoGo page here.

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10 thoughts on “NEWS: VALOI Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for “easy35” Making Quality 35mm Scanning Effortless and Compact”

    1. I don’t think this is a concept for people shooting 6×6 medium format is considered to be more advanced. This to me is a product more for democratising film scanning and making it accessible to the majority of beginners. I’m personally backing because I love the concept and realised I don’t need to shoot medium format. I’ll be writing an article soon on how and why I came to the decision to get rid of my Mamiya 6. I scan using a gfx and Mamiya macro lens on a big old copy stand. This product is a fraction of the size. Perfect for small apartments and a travelling lifestyle.

  1. Absolutely agree with Bob. A simple 6×6 scanner without the need to break the bank please.
    I just hope someone is reading this and will take that on board.

  2. The big issue when scanning 6×6 negatives with a FF or APS-C digital camera is that the 1:1 square image of the negative uses only two thirds of the pixels of the 3:2 sensor. So compared with 35mm negatives, three and a third times the negative area is captured by two thirds the sensor area. That’s a huge difference.

  3. A recycled concept, over engineered and wrapped up in a crowd funding campaign. One can pick up a T mount slide copier off of eBay for a tenner, use a desk lamp or a window for the light source and keep the other 190 quid to buy film.

    1. I wouldn’t even call this over engineered, but user friendly compared to what the vintage proto solution has to offer. The problem is that you’ll only be able to use the old ones with a full frame digital sensor. At least the ones I came across when I was considering the option. Prices of the vintage ones have also gone way up over the last years. Getting it to work on APS-C and other formats introduces fiddly DIY-solutions. Also they were mostly aimed at reproducing framed slides, so the film take up is designed for taking well, framed slides… If you want to align strips of film nicely, you’ll have to find another fiddly DIY-solution – the VALOI one even lets you advance the film with a knob. And then there’s the choice between desk lamp (uneven lighting, unknown CRI – fiddly!), daylight (in my personal case that’s not always available when I finally find the time and focus to do some scanning) or a high CRI fixed light source…. If I hadn’t already committed to the very slim approach of the classic VALOI film holders in 120 and 135 (and some fiddly arrangements around it, I have to admit), I could be tempted….

      If you know of an old model that’s easily usable on APS-C and lets me effortlessly feed whole strips of film through it, I’d really be delighted though, always eager to learn!

  4. So basically the same as a JJC film scanning kit? Why would anyone pay for a kickstarter when the real product is already available?

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