5 Frames with a Yashica T4 and a roll of Ilford FP4 – By Dave Donnelly

I picked my Yashcia T4 including the original box at a local car boot for a good price a couple of years ago and it’s taken this long to put a film in, use up the 36 exposures and process. Seen as possibly the “poor man’s” Contax T2 , it has some notoriety due to the infamous fashion photographer Terry Richardson using it back in the day.

It comes with a Carl Zeiss Tessar 35mm f3.5 lens, with this being the other reason they now command prices of £200+. As for the Contax T2, you can sometimes add another zero to that…!

It’s auto exposure, has a shutter that goes from 1sec to 1/700th and is DX coded for film speed setting supporting 50-3200 iso and a built in flash. There is a small LCD panel on the top for flash control and a landscape mode, other than that it’s point and shoot compact, and is nice and light.

Whilst I normally shoot HP5+ at 400 iso, I came across a roll of FP4+  and thought I’d try it in the T4.

The roll has been in the camera for over 12 months – I have too many camera’s and films on the go at once – and so as is often the case it was a revelation as to what I shot. I tried a variety of styles, including landscape, street photography and shooting in the woods; but think it’s forte is travel and street photography.

I developed it using Tetenal Paranol S at 1:25 at home and scanned the negs on my Epson V500. I am quite impressed with the camera and hope to try HP5+ at some point.

Two faces of Digbeth
Sutton park shaft of light
Table and chair
Browsing chair


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8 thoughts on “5 Frames with a Yashica T4 and a roll of Ilford FP4 – By Dave Donnelly”

  1. Very nice! I bought mine for less than $2 US and keep thinking I should sell it due to the crazy prices now but I love it! Love my SLRs and rangefinders too, but I like having something I can throw in my pocket and get really great photos with. I’m sure I’ll miss my window of opportunity. LOL. Thanks for sharing! Oh and also agree with the person above, I’d love to sit awhile in that room full of books!

  2. Craig Schroeder

    I was traveling to our state capital with a good friend who asked my opinion on a P&S that would take solid images (this is back in the era of these). We stopped in a shop and he ended up with a T4 that day. Later, we attended the State of The State address by the Wisconsin governor and took pictures of that and other Capital building photos. They turned out very well and he used the camera for many years. A photographer from my small city’s newspaper was there and had a film failure. He contacted me, remembering seeing me there and he used one of the shots in the local paper.

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