Author name: Dave Donnelly

Thanks for the memories – Finishing a Roll of Neopan 1600 I started in 2012 – by Dave Donnelly

I guess it was bound to happen, too many film cameras loaded at the same time and lots happening. Having three Olympus OM10s plus a similar looking OM1 can be confusing,  As a result, I recently realised one of my OM10s still had some Fuji Neopan pro 1600 in it. A good friend had treated me to some and I couldn’t remember when it was loaded. The expiry date was 2012 and what I do remember is that is wasn’t expired stock when it went into the camera.

Balda Baldix

Balda Baldix – A mini-review of 1950’s Folder – By Dave Donnelly

I forget how I acquired this Balda Baldix camera but I love the compact nature of it, and how it “pops” out at the touch of button on top which never fails to amuse me. This is a very compact camera for a 120 film camera, it has a f/3.5 75mm lens and is all manual with no light meter. In fact taking a shot is even more complicated than normal.

5 Frames with a Yashica T4 and a roll of Ilford FP4 – By Dave Donnelly

I picked my Yashcia T4 including the original box at a local car boot for a good price a couple of years ago and it’s taken this long to put a film in, use up the 36 exposures and process. Seen as possibly the “poor man’s” Contax T2 , it has some notoriety due to the infamous fashion photographer Terry Richardson using it back in the day.

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