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Leica iiic competition entries (1-20)

February 22, 2015

With the Leica iiic competition coming to an end on the 28th, I though I would post the entries in order of receiving them. 20 at a time each day until the competition closes seems sensible.

I will be judging them myself, or maybe with the help of a friend or two, but I’d happily hear peopes comments on which they think are worth consideration.

And so on to the entries:

Jack Langdon

Here is my submission to (hopefully) winning your cherished camera. I enjoy your blogs quite a bit, and in fact, this photo would not have existed if it weren’t for your blog!

The story of this picture all started a few months ago in December when I happened to visit a thrift shop near my house that had just opened its doors. Per norm, I walked to the back of the store to look through and see what cameras may have been marked for a few dollars that I could peruse through. There in the front of the pile was the infinitely quirky Pentax Pc35af, which I had read a review of yours only a few weeks prior to that. At first I questioned if I should even bother picking the thing up but remembered you mentioning that it had (on good occasions) a somewhat fast lens. I picked it up for $1.29 and was on my way.

A week later, I had the chance to travel into Madison, WI where a friend and I got the opportunity to test shoot a few cameras. I loaded my Pentax with Kodak Gold 400 ($2.50) and started shooting some very interesting Brutalist architecture that the University of Wiscosnin-Madison is in love with. The building in this shot is the Mosse Humanities Building. It is a veritable concrete fortress of a building, housing a hall of music, and has a delightful courtyard that the entire building encircles. Just as your blog mentioned, this focusing on this camera is horrendous–a large portion of the photos that came out from this roll were absolutely awful. I thought it was a miracle that this one came out at all. I am very satisfied with the fidelity of the lines and even the detail in the texture of the wall seemed to turn out great at this distance. The colors also rendered well in the mostly overcast day that it was.

So there it is: for $3.79 + $10.00 processing, with a notoriously shifty camera, I got this nice photo.

See above for Jack’s photo

Damien Dawson

I took this photograph in Sarajevo while I was deployed to the Balkans during the war. This photograph was taken in 1994 when I was 17 I served from 1993 – 2006.

The photograph is of my friend Stephan Ball at an observation post on the outskirts of the city, he was killed in a training exercise in 1997.

The camera was a 35mm disposable Kodak with preloaded film.

I took a 35mm compact camera with me whenever I was deployed. I wanted to photograph daily life, my friends, and the people we were protecting.

Like most photographs taken by soldiers, my photographs do not depict firefights and explosions. They depict, the “hurry up and wait” aspect of life that is a big part of being a soldier on the front line.

The photograph is best viewed small, as most of my old pictures only survive as jpegs.

Leica Competition

 Julian M

I took this shot on April 2014, in Huedin, Transylvania, on my Canon Prima 5, using Fomapan Creative 200 film. Developed at the lab, scanned at home on my Epson V370 film scanner.

I received this camera from a friend, and as I can see on local shops, it’s being sold for about 5-6 $. I’m enchanted with it since it has a 35mm f/3.5 prime lens 🙂

For the film I paid 3 $, they’re the cheapest films around, since they’re made here, in Romania.

Canon Prima 5, Fomapan Creative 200

Muhamad Haiz Shamsudin

Attached is my submission for a chance to win your competition. This pic was taken using a RICOH YF-28 SUPER. I bought it off a guy for SGD18. It was an impulse buy, but I wanted a compact and for that price I wasn’t too worried. Took it around for a shoot and discovered that I couldn’t turn off the auto flash. So shooting street was gonna be a challenge. I also discovered a “panorama” function. Basically, a top and bottom mask would block the exposed frame. Combined with the camera’s 28mm lens, you’d get a “panorama” effect. Granted, it isn’t X-Pan but it was a nice creative addition. With that information, I thought it would be suitable to compose my shots in a cinematic vibe and feel.

The film used was Lomography Earl Grey 100 and it was self developed at home (1st try!) and scanned on an Epson V370. Thank you for reading and for your kind consideration. Have a great weekend!



I have attached a photo of some flowers I took a photo of with my Nikon L35AF. I have also attached a photo of the camera. It is the only point and shoot camera I have ever owned. I got it at a yard sale for $2 and put film in it that I got at another yard sale for twenty-five cents. I am pretty sure that the L35AF is available on Ebay in my country for between $10-$20.

The photo was taken in my elderly parents back-yard, I try to spend at least one day a week visiting them at their country home. I never knew much about point-and-shoots, but this camera was a revelation to me and I now keep my eye peeled for other similar cameras and I am sure that I will pick up more in the future as soon as the snow goes away and people start having sales in their yards on weekends.

I was impressed that the camera focused on the target, I was surprised the old film had such vivid color, and I liked the way the camera set the background nicely out of focus like an impressionist painting.

I have an old Leica IIIf that I picked up at a yard sale, but it’s curtain is in tatters and it’s lens is foggy. I figure I would have to dump about $400 into it to get all that fixed up and I have not yet had that amount of extra cash laying around, maybe someday……

hanging flowers 1

Tung Dinh

My entry for this contest was shot on Arista 400 black and white film. The camera I used was an Olympus infinity
II( similar to your af 10) which i bought from a yard sale. Price was 1 dollar 🙂 . Thank you so much for doing such a kind thing for the film community.
flow (1 of 1)-3

Ionut Radulescu

Hi. Photos taken with my LOMOGRAPHY ONE PEARL BLUE can entry in the competition?
Is a plastic camera with a fisheye fix non-focus objective, it was mine for 2$. The film was an expired KODAK ISO200 (mine for 1USD). The film was processed and scanned at a film lab in my town (Craiova, Romania).


James Davies

This was taken in Nice, France on 21st March 2014. It was about 3pm in the afternoon and I had just flown in that morning and was having a stroll on the Promenade Des Anglais after a snooze in my hotel room. I was using a Vivitar IC101 camera which I paid 99p for on eBay in March 2013. I modified it by taking out the mask that normally makes it a “panoramic” camera. I had previously done some double-exposure experiments with my friend Anna who travels a lot, so I’d load the camera with film and send it off with her

But because I had lost a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera on a trip to Canada I engraved the case with my email address (on the base) in case it got lost and added a flower, a butterfly and the instruction on the top of the camera to take pictures (“Go! —->”). The film came from a Fuji disposable camera that I got in Superdrug some time ago for about £3.99 (there was some sort of BOGOF deal that made it worth buying the disposables and cracking them open just to get the film).

I had it developed and scanned by Photo Express in Hull who I’ve been sending films off to for about 8 years now. They always do just what I want and understand Xpro, redscale and other experiments of mine (like using disposable camera film). I like the image a lot. It has a very timeless quality to it and makes me think of both old and new times, rather like the city of Nice itself.

06650006 (1)

Ermanno Fissore

This is my cheap camera, a Fuji DL-25 focus free with a Fujinon 35 mm lens.
I bought this camera at a flea market in Turin for 5 euro, only because I was try how it works a camera like this one, that have only two button, the shutter and the rewind, and the way to load the film is different to the other my cameras.
The film that i used was a Fuji 100 iso expired in 2009.


Jim Powers

Here’s a photo I shot a few weeks ago that I think qualifies.

The camera is a Canon AF35M, one of the original P&S Autofocus cameras. Canon sold a zillion of them, so they are cheap as chips these days. It has a 38mm f/2.8 lens.

I found this one while helping a friend clean out her parents house, preparing to live in the home herself. They traveled all over the US with it, snapping photos of themselves under every “You Are Here” sign in the country! Nothing else of their travels. Her dad didn’t like to waste film.

The camera still looks and works great. I pimped it with a square hood I had in a junk box.

The photo is of a newspaper strapping machine that sits long unused in the backroom of the newspaper where I’m editor.

It was shot on Kodak BW400CN and processed by Fuji, I think.


Tom Welland

This was taken at Glastonbury festival in the right light it is one of the best places for photography, it has the people, the passion and the unusual. However I’m generally incapable of looking after my stuff there so the olympus trip (bought from coldkennels aka Tony G from twitter for £10) is a great festival companion. Decide roughly what zone focus you want, point and shoot! It’s a great size and is very sturdy. The film was part of a bundle which was given to me so it’s free and hopefully allows me into your comp! I’ll send a pic of camera separately. It’s a beaut I reskinned it in beautiful red leather


Ronald Lajara

​This was shot on our trip in Boracay Island using my Olympus [mju:] panorama with a fuji c200(fuji superia 200), I’ll be honest on how much I bought my camera. I bought my camera on an online camera seller guy for about 1200php(17GBP/27usd), I know that I overpaid for the camera and
I believe it cost for only about 15usd, I bought it because that time I really want to have a compact film camera that is/which I thought was “in” for my budget.
the film was developed on our local photo studio/lab(FotoFabrik) C41 process and scanned it with my epson v370.


Yagiz Su

​I want to be part of your Leica giveaway competition with my image
kodak’s expired disposable


Blake Sabo

​Greeting Hamish, I have attached a photo and the camera/film that was used to capture the photo for your 35mm Compact Camera Contest. For the cost, I found the Canon AF35M II at a local pawn shop. They had a $25 price tag on it. But I told them that I could buy one on Ebay for under $10. Which is true, you can. So I offered them $5 for the camera untested. And they took the offer. Apparently the camera has been setting on the shelf for over 5 years. So, they just wanted to get rid of it. So when I got it home, I put in AA and batteries and everything worked great. It has turned out to be a great little camera.

The film is Fujicolor Superia X-Tra 400, which I can find at a store in my hometown for $10 for a 3 pack. That, and Kodak UltraMax 400 is my go to film for everyday shooting. The photograph was taken last month at a Indoor Motorcycle/ATV Flat Track race. The arena has super bad lighting. So I was shooting the film at 1600 asa. Sine I was going after photographs that capture motion, I was doing fast panning with the subjects. The AF on the camera was not bad at all. It really made for some interesting photographs. The actual photograph that I sent was taken on the starting line. They start 4 wide from a standing start. So I waited until the perfect time, panned with the subjects, and got a cool photograph that I am proud to own now.

The photograph is uncropped, with adjustments made in Lightroom. The film processing and scanning was done by my go too film lab. The FIND Lab in Orem, Utah. The film was pushed to 1600 by them. What chemicals were used, I could not tell you that.

So that is what I have to offer.

Blake Sabo

Jakub T

Name’s Jakub and I’m presenting a pumpkin body left after a Halloween party in our house in Reykjavik. Photo is taken with Olympus AF-1 bought in recycling store in Reykjavik for 300 ISK which is app 1.3 British Pound, on SOLUTION film (!!) which I get from my polish friends for birthday in amount of 30 rolls. I can’t tell nothing about this film because I don’t know more than its 35 mm color negative for c 41 process and it’s 36 exp roll. (It don’t even have info about place of production) Just info in german and polish that it needs to be kept in cool place. I also know that she paid for this 30 rolls something about 100 PLN which is app 17 British Pound so.. 1.8 Pound per roll. So i think perfect for contest. 🙂
I’m adding a scan of pumpkin frame and a digital photo of camera with film.


Jorgen Klovstad

I got the camera (Olympus SuperZoom 70G) for free, but I don’t see this being worth more than £10… it was well used. eBay used prices doesn’t count (I hope)! 🙂 Film used was Fuji Superia 800

Olypmus Superzoom 70G - Fuji Superia 800


Trying my luck for the fun of it.

Camera : Ricoh AF5
Film : Ilford FP4

I hope you like this shot.

2014 Ricoh AF5 Iford FP4 Test

Marlon Roy Surban

The shot (21810030.jpg) was taken on a beach here in Cebu, Philippines. This was shot almost 3 years ago around June 2012. We were relaxing on a beach after an overnight trek in the mountains which we call the “Freedom Climb.” The purpose of the climb was to celebrate the Philippine Independence day.

The camera is a CD-R King brand point and shoot camera (CD-R king). CD-R king is a popular store here in the Philippines that started out selling CDs (hence, the name) then came other stuff. such is this camera. This camera is sold for Php50 only +Film. Mind you, Php50 is around $1 dollar. Yes! A dollar or less (Film included). It’s actually popular here for beginners as it’s cheap, unpredictable, and takes really good pictures. It was quite good until it was discontinued.

Though the cam had film as a freebie this wasn’t the one I used. I used an expired Centuria DNP 400 iso Film for it which costs around Php75 ~$1.5. It’s a rebrand of a Konica film (I think) that is sold locally here in the Philippines and yes, it costs much more the the camera it self. I quite like this film as the 400 ISO permits brighter pictures for the camera.Though, you can visually see grains easily but it’s really cheap and reliable. These two are really perfect.

Also this photo was developed here on a local lab. It’s the kind of lab that you can wait for half an hour or so for it to develop and then it gets scanned and transferred to your USB or CD.





Renato Valenzuela Jr.


My name is Renato Valenzuela Jr. I’m from Elizabeth, New Jersey. I’d like to share with you my submission for your Leica contest.

First some background with the shot. I was staying in the Philippines for awhile last year, did a little soul-searching and wandering around Manila. In the Makati part, there’s a sort-of pedestrian skyway that interconnects shopping malls and other places of interest. I was walking around this skyway looking for something interesting to shoot. So I make it to this intersection and noticed the crosswalk. I waited and waited for the perfect pairing of people crossing the street. It took awhile but fortunately I made it in one take, which is absurd I know, but I was trying to get the most out of this roll.

some background on the camera and film that were used.

the camera is the original Olympus XA. Price? $0. I “borrowed” it from my father and never gave it back. I’ve been shooting with it for years and even used it for photography classes in college.

and now for the film. Lomography Lady Grey ASA 400. Price? Also $0. While I was staying in the Philippines I made a very special lady friend who was also into photography. She gave me the roll as a gift to remember her by. I had it processed when I got back stateside at Photobar on E28th St. in New York City with a special request of keeping the can.

Anyway, I hope it doesn’t come off as a cheat because I am well below the $15 limit but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.


So thats the first 20 photos, over 100 more to show you so keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment tomorrow evening

Plenty of time to enter still too … closing date is the 28th!

Cheers for reading


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    February 23, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    What a great bunch of photos! Inspiring for those of us that have not yet submitted to get out and try, yet again, for a shot of equivalent merit.

    There is still time to shoot another roll or two!

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