Traveling Yashica Alex 2

The Traveling Yashica: Alex Redman, England

My time with The Traveling Yashica was brief but one of the best film photography moments I’ve had. I had managed to get myself into The Traveling Yashica project just as it turned up on Hamish’s desk for a check up before it voyaged over to the USA. Hamish gave me the Yashica for the weekend before it was being sent on its travels again, perfect. Not only was it my first time shooting with the T5 but it was also my first time shooting HP5 which of course meant it was going to be my first time developing my own film…with some help from Hamish of course.


So I left the office with the Yashica in one hand and a roll of HP5 in the other, and this is when I took my first shoot:

The Traveling Yashica Alex 1

Out of the car park and an old guy crossing the bridge over the dual carriageway in Worcester.


On the Saturday me and the misses went on a bit of a walk around Worcester to take some pictures of the floods, I armed her with my Ricoh FF3AF and a roll of Vista 200 (I’m trying to get her into film photography too).

The Traveling Yashica Alex 2

The bridge connecting Worcester to Malvern and the river Severn under it.

The Traveling Yashica Alex 3

Katie with the river and the Malvern Hills in the background.

The Traveling Yashica Alex 4

A couple of boats clinging to the pontoon under the bridge, this was my favourite one just because of the contrast really and the fact I took it using the “super scope”, really liked that feature.


Sunday always ends in the pub with a few mates, and this Sunday was no exception.

The Traveling Yashica Alex 6

A snap of my mate Joe watching the winter olympics, he’d had a few by then.

The Traveling Yashica Alex 5

A snap of the urinals after I’d had a few ended the weekend and the roll nicely.

On the Monday morning I popped The Traveling Yashica and my roll of HP5 on Hamish’s desk, job done.

If you fancy having a look at my Flickr click here.

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3 thoughts on “The Traveling Yashica: Alex Redman, England”

  1. Nice work, Alex! And welcome into the world of black and white. We’ll see what happens after you’ve dipped your toe 😉

    Thanks for providing the link so we could see the shots in bigger resolution too. I really liked the shot of your girlfriend with the river in the back. It’s got a certain mood to it.
    I’m also a fan of your super scope shot -nice framing! The camera is with me now and I think I’ve taken one shot using it. Gotta remember to try it again 🙂

    1. Cheers Jonas, yeah I’ve definitely caught the black and white bug!

      Glad you liked them, I’m looking forward to seeing yours. Definitely give that super scope a few goes, after seeing the results I was quite surprised and wish I tried it a few more times 🙂

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