Leica iiic competition entries (41-60)

By Hamish Gill

Here are entries 41-60 from the Leica iiic competition.

Christopher Voss

I moved to Brooklyn, NY from Oakland, California a year and a half ago to chase my photography fantasy of running around NYC like Joel Meyerowitz and Mermelstein to take photos. Before I left, I bought this camera off craigslist in the suburbs for 10 dollars. It for whatever reason, takes a decent picture and is all I have used for about 8 months.

I usually get off work at my day cashier job at the museum I work at, race downtown on the subway to Chinatown where I go to this photolab, 88 images. I really like 88 images because it’s a small reliable photo lab with a real dark room, and they crank out decent scans in an hour. I go get some 3 dollar dumplings and my dude will have put the pics on my flash drive by the time i’m done. Sometimes he tells me they will be down tomorrow. I don’t argue. He scans it at a slightly higher res than “Kodak recommends”, which is nice I guess.

If I win, I’ll have to be a lot more careful with this guy, but it would be so dream fulfilling to run around midtown with the same camera as all my idols. Or, I’ll just keep doing what I do anyway.

(Photo above)

Dominique Legrand

The photo I am submitting was taken on my first point and shoot, the Nikon L35 AF. This camera was bought at a thrift store for $5.00 as a means of documenting a trip through California. With no knowledge on the camera or its capability I shot through the roll that was in the camera at the time (Expired? Kodak Gold 400) and came out with some gems including this one of a half dalmatian.
That L35 has been a dependable and fantastic little p/s since i bought it and that first roll is still so important and has a huge nostalgic sentimentality to me.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Oleg Shchapov

Here is a photo from my first camera Konica C35. May be it’s not autofocus but still cheap point and shoot camera. I bought it at local auction for 8 USD The photo was taken on summer 2013 at the Ukrainian Carpathians. I gave the camera to my girlfriend and she made a miracle)) So if you will choose this photo and camera the prize will be her. Leica is her dream for a long time. Film was Afga color 100 expired apx 1,5 USD It is still a mystery to me how this camera took that shot. Now I shoot projects on film only and can appreciate it.


Simone Dedola

During my time in Japan I tried to make some photographic work with a story, and I was trying to focus on the relation between the human and the spaces in the city, which in japan are thought to be quite claustrophobic, but actually if you step back…..there is quite a lot of space for yourself. So…big, crowded city, but with large places and one person only.
I took several shots of this type, but my favourite is the one I attached. That man it is perfectly in the cone of light, I like the colors, all that green, and I like quite a lot the place where I shoot the photo. On the top of this, it was really what I want to show. I took this photo with a camera from the junk, that somebody trowed away because he did not care less about it. And I made something that I really like with it.
Ok…..going to emotional i guess! eheh

That`s the story, and for me is a good photo for all these reasons, not sure for other people though 😉

Man - Space 1 (1 of 1)

Stayu Kasabov

Shot made with Canon Sure Shot Max. AGFA APX 100. Just waited a little rain to fell on reflected water and clicked.
Picked up camera from local photo second market for 10 leva / 5 euro/ . Apx 100 cost is another 5 euro. Here is the plastic monster:

canon-streetwalk-19-(When-sun-want-go) (1)

James Shelley

Image taken in Mid-November 1990. I’ld just finished my apprenticeship and was on-route to my first job – A year and a half based in Antarctica.
We stopped along the way on the Island of South Georgia, Grytvken Whaling station. The place to which Shackleton had made it back to contact help for his men (100 yrs ago this year as it happens when they set sail…)
Allowed off ship to walk over the now abandoned station, this was our first contact with Emperor penguins. (Elephant seals also – but different photos..).
I did have a Pracktica SLR with my luggage, but took the picture with an Olympus pocket camera as I was carrying a VHS video camera onshore, so SLR stayed on ship.
A few versions of the image are on the roll, but this I liked best – 3 Penguins looking out over the bay. I say about the image their unspoken words – “Hear no evil, see no Evil – When’s the next Shag” In honour you understand of the Antarctic bird – the Shag ! Not the double entendre of the fact we were heading south without seeing a woman for the next Year !!.
The film is Ilford FP4, taken from a 35mm roll, I say this because I had with me a bulk roll of Ilford. Would be hard pressed to hear someone sell that these days.
Processing was literally according to pack instruction – The Antarctic base had it’s own darkroom. But the printing – That took time. The negative is relatively good, but the time difference for masking to expose different parts of the image. I was never trained in a darkroom, It was a hobby, So getting a result and a good result, I think that’s why I like the image.
The Olympus, I read on your site is poor ? Ah my naiveté – back then I thought it was a great camera. How our standards change over time !!
The scan of the negative was done about 5 years ago on a flatbed scanner – in case you were to ask!

N9003 - Three wise Penguins

Arthur Bueno

This is my entry to the competition. I’m sure I’m not gonna win, but I’ll give it a shot (no pun intended)

Details of the image:

Shot on Ricoh ff-90 (it broke a couple of years ago.. so lame)
Film – Mistubishi 100 film (3 dollars for a roll. you can get these at adolf gassers)
Location – San Francisco, Daly City Bart, CA



The image is from an old fex disposable camera that my father had and I modified to be reloaded. Which apparently I damaged somehow and the images created with it look all soft.


Sigurður J. Haraldsson

I just bought this ricoh s-30 at a second hand store that sells peoples used stuff to raise money for charity for 300.- icelandic kronas(1.5 pounds). Well it turns out it is not a expensive ricoh just a cheap point and shoot.
But I have had alot of fun walking around with it and I have no problem what so ever to lend my sons the camera to take on school trips and etc. My teenage son recently went on a school trip where no
computers or smart phones where permitted, so I asked him if he like to take the point and shoot camera with him just in chase he like to take a photo. He was not very interested but did take it with him. When I picked him
up for the trip he had a big smile and the camera hanging around his neck. It turned out the camera raised some attention and he finished three rolls of film.
The picture I am sending you was taken two weeks ago and at last we are starting to see the sun again after the dark months of november, december and january here in Iceland but it is
not high in the sky and there for long shadows. The film is kodak ultra max 400 24 frames which cost 590.- kronas or just under 3 pounds. It was developed in the darkroom of Iceland Film Photography Association by another member but scanned by me. So the cost of the film was 590 and camera 300 which is 890 kronas or 4.45 pounds. My friend did not charge me for the development but Iceland Film Association will pay for the chemicals.
Ricoh S-30 is auto-focus camera that was three focus zones. It only reads DX iso 100 and iso 400 and by default it will always go on 100 iso(I have used 200 iso film it was fine) then you can press a button to set it to 1000 iso.
So you could push black and white to 1000 iso if you like. The apature is at 1/8 and the shutter speed at 125. If you set it on 1000 iso the apature goes on 1/16 and if you put the flash on it goes on 1/3.9.
I normally shoot canon ae-1 program and just bough a mamiya rb67 and I am looking for a good point and shoot camera to have with me all the time. Until I find one I will use ricoh s-30 and let my sons take photo on it, then
use it for my sons only.

keppni (1)

Charlie Hindhaugh

The photo I have attached is called ‘Geometric #2’, it was taken on a Smena Symbol camera I picked up for £6 when I was backpacking through Bulgaria, the same second-hand shop also had an unopened pack of ten ORWO Black and White films, manufactured in 1986 in East Germany lying around which I brought for £2. I had no idea whatsoever if either the camera or very old film would work, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got the film developed and this photo came out.

Geometric 2

Mark Satola

Here is my entry for your “Win My Leica” contest. This was taken with a Canon AF35ML in 2007, I’m going out on a limb to identify the film and say “probably Tri-X,” which I use quite a lot here in cloudy Cleveland, Ohio. Whether I win or not, I hope you enjoy seeing Morty cavorting in the cemetery.

morty 006.jpg (1)

Tom Milton

Olympus AF-1 + fujifilm superia 400

Milton_0031 (1)

Glad Parau

Olympus mju-l(4£) with ilford delta 100+develop(5£).


Marcin Mielniczuk

Hi! I’m sending You my photo taken with broken Olympus XA (Fully functional one, cost in my country about 20£, but mine has broken rangefinder, and it’s in bad cometic condition so I got it for less than 10£) shoot on Potrta 160


Boris Mirkov

the camera this photo was taken with is my (not so) trusty Olympus XA2. It has a tendency to fail me sometimes, I have missed a few shots because of its malfunctioning shutter button but I still love it for its small size and picture quality. It was bought some 4 years ago at a Belgrade photo fair for 1500 Serbian dinars, which would be some 10 or so euros. The film inside was Fuji Superia 200 ASA pushed to 400 or even 800 ASA. The developing is done by Krle, a man dedicated to film photography who does the developing at home and does it more out of love than economic gain because it is done very professionally and at a low cost. Scanning is done by me so the overall low quality is on me because I am not as skilled in scanning as I would like to be.

The photo itself was taken on Danube riverbank in municipality of Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia.

Boris Mirkov (1)

Patrick Cheung

Taken on a XA2 that I acquired for $15CAD. I shot it on a roll of Superia 800 ($5CAD when and where I bought it). The sum total is $20CAD which is $1 CAD more than 10GBP. Also shot in Hong Kong in the Mong Kok district.


Alexandra Masson

I live in Caracas, Venezuela, a place where unfortunately insecurity in the streets due to delinquent activity is extremely high and people get mugged and killed over an iPhone4… so it´s very hard to take a camera out in the streets. That´s why I have now focused on taking photos of anything that surrounds me, very up close so they are mostly abstract blobs of color, including my food and flowers and sunsets… so if by any chance my submission entices you to give me your Leica I would pay for shipment via a reputable courier such as DHL or similar so that it really gets to me… the employees at the post office headquarters open all letters and packages and take for themselves anything they deem to be valuable.

Photo of the Hadrian Wall, England, taken with a disposable Kodak camera in 1987, sent the entire camera to a lab to develop the film. I don´t have a photo of the camera and I don´t know what the developing parameters were, sorry…!


Oswaldo Guadarrama

For this photo I used an olympus XA2. This camera was given to me by an old (girl)friend, don’t know where she bought it or how much she paid for it, but the light seals were completely gone(just recently replaced them) and the flash that came with it barely worked(it doesn’t now).

As far as film I think I used some fuji 200.I always get my film developed from the place across the street from my house, its 15 pesos per color film roll(1 usd), and I scanned it using an epson v330.

imagen160 (1)

Daphne K. Lee

Taken with Olympus XA-2, I bid the camera on eBay, used a roll of Ilford HP5+, totaling $15.

I developed the film by myself in the darkroom using the Sprint system – I make the prints by myself as well. In the darkroom I would put a no.5 filter on this and boost the contrast to create this final image 🙂

Usually I use a Nikon FM2, but on the day I took this photo I happened to have the XA2 around only, and I was in my school library looking out the window – the shot just came in my mind so unexpectedly!



This photo was taken with what has become one of my favorite cameras and one that is with me almost always, the Olympus Stylus 35-70.

The roll I had in at the time was ektar 100. I had the c/n developed at a nearby shop and then I (painstakingly) macro scan them myself with a set up my friend and I developed over time. It’s worth the work and cheaper than a drum scan.

I purchased this camera at a local camera supply for $5 USD, it was dirty with bad weather seals and a missing battery door. I fixed these myself with some gaff tape and know-how.

it would have easily been less than $15 USD.

I can usually count on a correct exposure with this system even with 100 speed film due to its nice metering with the flash, it also features spot metering and a background flash fill. It’s pretty hard to beat Olympus 80’s-90’s point and shoot systems.

_MG_8443-Edit (1) (1)

Keep an eye out for the next 20 tomorrow

Time is running out to enter … closing date is the 28th!

Cheers for reading


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