NEWS: pixl-latr – for digitising your film with a digital camera – now shipping!

It’s been a fair old while in the making, but pixl-latr is finally shipping!

pixl-latr is a tool for aiding in the process digitising (digitally copying) photographic film with a digital camera. It does this by holding the film flat on all four edges and then diffusing and masking off a back light.

It can be used with its legs and a basic smartphone camera in front of a simple source of light such as a window, but can also be used as part of a much more refined rig with a copy stand, high quality backlight, and DSLR or mirrorless camera, and of course any kind of set up in between.

A prototype pixl-latr being used with an iphone
Prototype pixl-latr being used with a high quality camera, copy stand and light source

It can currently be used with 35mm film for frame sizes up to 24 x 120mm, with 120 film between 6 x 4.5 and 6 x 12 and with 5 x 4 film and can be used with both negative and reversal film, colour and black & white.

I’m also about to launch something called the “open gate platform” which will allow users to design their own gates for other sizes of film.

In the 2 years between launching pixl-latr on Kickstarter and it starting to ship, a whole host of other products have come to market that do a similar job. But, pixl-latr still arguably remains the most versatile and is less money than its closest equivalent by half!

pixl-latr is available to order now, just have in mind that though we are shipping now there will be a short delay whilst we deal with the 2000 back orders. But if you do want one, the sooner you order the sooner it will arrive.

You can order a pixl-latr here

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17 thoughts on “NEWS: pixl-latr – for digitising your film with a digital camera – now shipping!”

  1. I wanted to check out the price because this seems attractive if the price is right. However, there appears to have been a cock-up wrt the ordering link, it links to a picture.

  2. Charles Morgan

    Got mine just now! The alarming thought is I’ll actually have to get digitising but I hate my scanner so much at present, I’m glad I have an alternative!

      1. Charles Morgan

        A very nicely made bit of kit – but I need to get a set up working to digitise images so will report back when I’ve been able to do so!

    1. As it is, yes, but it’s a bit fiddly – there will be a special gate that will be available in the next week or so

  3. Pingback: First quick tryout with pixl-latr – View from the Carrot Room

  4. Hey Hamish, Just wanted to say that I got my Pixl-latr this week so international postage didn’t let you down. It is just what I hoped for and does a great job. I just tried it with a few black and white negatives as a test and all worked as expected.
    I know you are probably busy fulfilling existing orders and and this is probably not the best place but I have a couple of requests so let me know how to communicate those to you.
    Great job on the product, I like everything about it.

  5. Got mine just recently! Pretty soon I should have a roll of 35 or 120 developed and I’ll give it a go.

    Looks very nice, especially for the price. I do have a few niggles but I am reserving commenting until I’ve actually used it – maybe they will work themselves out or be non-issues. I’ll probably do a review for my website and try to spread the word, because it appears to be a wonderful product. I’ll let you know when I’ve really put it through the paces with a few rolls (and hopefully some 4×5) and my review is written.

    Thanks so much! Very fast shipping to the US too, was surprised.

    1. Hi Matt, which version do you have – 1.3? Don’t be scared to email if you’re not getting on with any of it… And send us the link to the review when you get it done!!
      Cheers 🙂

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