35mm negative digitising using the pixl-latr

pixl-latr Review – A Film Scanning Gadget for Someone Who Hates Gadgets – By Nick Davis

Let me preface this pixl-latr review with a confession that I am spectacularly impatient. I’m not restless, and I’m not in an unreasonable hurry. Those things are sort of incompatible with shooting film, right? If a task takes time, that’s fine. But I have no patience waiting for something that I don’t need to wait for. I don’t mind me slowing me down, but something else slowing me down will very quickly find itself in the bin.

NEWS: Omnar Lenses Brass E39 Lens caps & pixl-latr ‘Parts Kits’

As some (many?) of you might know, in recent years I have been working on two brands of photography products, Omnar lenses and pixl-latr. I have little bits of news about both brands today, so I thought I would share. Omnar Lenses Brass E39 Lens caps We have just launched our Omnar Lenses Brass E39 …

NEWS: Omnar Lenses Brass E39 Lens caps & pixl-latr ‘Parts Kits’ Read More

Finished Image

Using a Mobile Phone And a Free App To Scan Negatives – By George Griffin

When I first got back into analogue photography back in 2015, the biggest problem for me was how do I get these analogue images into a digital format to post on either a blog, Flickr or Instagram. Yes, I could get the lab I was sending to, to scan the images but this was costly and also there may only be half-a-dozen images that are worth scanning plus I was developing my own B & W and so that needed to be scanned at home.

pixl-latr - shipping at last!

pixl-much-latr – delivering on a Kickstarter 22 months behind schedule

I’ve just started shipping pixl-latr – a product I launched on Kickstarter in June 2018 with an expected delivery date of September the same year. In short, I’m 22 months behind schedule. Despite that, I still have the confidence of a lot of my backers, and though it’s been extremely stressful, I’ve actually really enjoyed the process – for the most part at least…

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