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Leica iiic competition entries (61-80)

February 27, 2015

The forth set of images from the Leica iiic competition

Carlo Maccheroni

The camera was a Kodak Wedding with the film kodak gt 800-5 in downtown Santiago, Chile. Its a compact point, shoot and trash… Haha. I used lightroom to give the Black and white to the image.

(image above)

Moni Smith

This was taken with a Canon Sure Shot and 100 film. The film was part of a bulk roll and can’t be more than $1.50. The camera I picked up at Goodwill for about $4. So about $5.50 total (4.86 euros).

I was really surprised with how much I liked the photos that came from this camera. I would use it again but it is so bulky to carry around. 🙂


Bruno Candeias

My name is Bruno Candeias, I’m 21 years old and I’m a civil engineering student from Lisbon, Portugal.

I love shooting dogs, and I always carry a point and shoot camera with me. This one was taken 4 years ago on the new years eve (just before midnight!). After I took the picture the dog got completely mad and jumped at me, it was one of the most terrifying moments of my life! But I don’t regret taking the picture, it’s still one of my favourites.

The camera I used at the time was the first camera that was given to me! I got it when I was 10 years old, and still works today (although I prefer to use my Mju II). It’s an Olympus Trip 200, that has two functions – flash on and flash off! At the time I didn’t develop my own film, so I shot with Ilford XP2 (it was cheaper to process at the lab).

So here’s a picture of the camera, with some black tape left from that time when I thought that the black tape made the camera invisible 😛

brunocandeias_dogs (1)

Þórir Jensson

I shot this on a Fuji Flash S2 that I got at a thrift store for 450 ISK, that is about 3.50$, the film I used was Arista Utra 400 that a friend gave me, it goes for 2.99$.
This camera has scale focusing using icons like on the Holga, 1 person, 3 person, many persons and then a mountain. The ISO settings are so close to the focusing button that I kept changing it from 100-400 so I have no idea at what ISO level I was shooting this photo 🙂
After scanning I did some levels adjustment + some contrast adjustment and a lot of dust removal.


Rense Haveman

Got too much photos shot with such cameras, but not very recent ones, I’m afraid. But the one attached was made with the Kiev 4A rangefinder and a long dated Fuji Sensia film (cheap, because for free). Don’t know what the camera costed exactly: a little over 10 Euros, on our national auction site… Part of a lot, so can’t say it exactly… Went with the camera to Arnheim, and did some street shooting. Ended up with these youngsters with their skate boards, and was very happy with the result when these came back from the laboratory. I’ve titled it “Double take off”.


Luca Tommaso Cordoni

I take this image with an Holga and a Fujifilm C200 film.


Nuno Goucha Gaspar

Regarding the post “Win my Leica!”, I found it very interesting. Not just because you’ve posted several times about “affordable” point and shoot cameras, but mostly because these cameras are full of life and hidden stories. Most of them were design to mass production, cheap, and able to deliver usable pictures. And, the most important, a great picture is not about the camera or film, but the moment itself.

So, about my entry, I’m sending you a photo I took last year here in Portugal, with a camera my grandfather gave me, a cheap plastic Vivitar camera, fixed lens, 125th/s exposure, and a Kodak Gold 200 24exp I had around the house.
I do not know how much does this cost, but I think the combo is under 13,5€ (the film was 3€, the camera… well, it was a gift, but I can manage some of those for 5€-10€).


Sean Tan

Here is the info on this photo.
This is woman i dated and gotten me into film. B+W expired delta 200 taken with a TLR Gankeflex
taken in Brisbane and on the fly.


Attila Pasek

My name is Attila Pasek. I live in Bournemouth, I love photography since my childhood (my father infected me). I have a few digital and several film cameras in different format and age. The camera of the chosen picture was an Ilford Sportsman (around 5-6 pounds) and the film was Ilford FP4 (4-5 pounds). Some generosity needs here from your part…

By the way the camera was found by a friend in a bin. He saved it and gave me later, because he knew my obsession of photography.

The picture was taken at Bournemouth beach during an afternoon walk. I saw these legs from a distance, I ran there to take a shot. I didn’t know the guy, I never saw his face.
I don’t remember too much details of the development. I did it with Kodak Xtol and later scanned with Epson V700.

Attila Pasek

Andrew Bray

Sorry for the picture of a picture quality but I don’t have a scanner so this is the best I’ve got. I have all of my negative saved so I’ll digitize them eventually.

My photo submission (Andrew Bray Photo Contest Submission.jpg) was taken three or so years ago when I was on an exchange program to Cologne, German. I had brought a long a Nikon D50 but bought a disposable camera one drunken night and this was my favorite shot from the roll of film. Th is picture was taken the night before my flight back to the U.S. and my host mother is having a conversation with Tobias and me.

To keep this short, Tobias was a hardcore punk which caused a few major hiccups in the exchange program. When I took this picture Tobias’ mother was telling us how she was questioning her parenting skills. It was a really heavy moment and I think I really captured the energy in the room – Her expression, Tobias’ legs kicked up on the bed, the punk poster on the wall. The image carries a lot of weight with me.

Sadly I don’t even remember what brand of disposable camera it was – it was 800 iso and I got it developed back in the U.S. at a Walgreens but that’s as clear a memory I have of the camera.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Tim Dobbs

Here is my entry for the point & shoot 35mm
its a Canon AF35m shot on FP4
I rated it at 200 iso and developed it using ilfotec HC at 1+31 for 9 mins

I bought 2 cameras on ebay that day the AF35m was 99p plus £1.99 postage and a Nikon L35af which was
over £30 and I must admit there is nothing between them in quality 🙂


Pavel Vnukov

Here is a photograph that I took in 2001 high up in Chinese Yunnan province mountain are, while trekking along Yangtze river. It is taken with my trusty olympus mju2, that cost me a few coins, but certainly not much. Sadly it is long gone, traded it for some stupid folder some time ago.


Spiro Stergiou

I’m very glad to sending you my photo. The one I chose of the expired on 2008 Tri-X400 film, exposed with my first camera I’ve used as a kid – Kodak VR35.


Aaron Cohen

Here’s a photo from a few years back – it was taken in NYC with a small plastic point-and-shoot, the Ansco Pix Panorama, on Tri-X developed with Diafine. (Not a real panoramic camera – a wide angle lens with the top and bottom of the film masked off in the camera!) Hope you like the photo – I think it’s really cool what you’re doing, and I wanted to submit to support the spirit of the competition.


Kaushal Parikh

I have attached an image taken with my Nikon L35AF and tri-x film. The camera was bought a few years ago so I cannot remember the exact price but I remember it being dirt cheap. I love the camera and I also love that it has features such as stealth mode shooting (like in the Leica M9).

The 400 ISO tri-x film was shot at ISO 1000 and was developed at home in Xtol for 10.5 mins at 20 degrees celcius


Urban Hafner

The image was taken with a Minolta Riva Panorama on Kodak Tmax 400 one foggy morning in Hechendorf, Germany. I bought the camera a year or two ago for about 5€ on ebay. Back then I didn’t have time do develop myself, so I sent the roll across the pond to the Indie Film Lab.

a foggy morning

Chris.S Winsor

Here is my enntry for the competition which is taken with a Olympus Pen EE3 with Agfa Vista 400 during the protest in Hong Kong.

000043090012 (1)

Will McMahon

The picture was taken with a Minox 35EL which I got for £5 at a car boot sale. The picture was taken on Adox Colour Implosion which costs £4, this is one of my favorite films, the grain and colour rendition gives it a very 70’s look. I got it developed and scanned at snappy snapps.


Sandu Lulu

Olympus Trip 35 – cost 50 RON(Romanian lei) and film kodak gold 200 – Chinese version (was a gift from a friend he bought it on ebay from china, it probably cost him about 10 RON, i’m not sure).it was my first roll of film (apart from the test roll). in total it’s about £10.

the Trip’s light metter might be dying, it currently over exposes about an fstop (i must set it to iso 400 to shoot 200 film). i bought it from here. it was the camera i could afford among the ones i liked. i recently got a kodak instamatic 177x for less than 1 £ but can’t find film for it and it has some problems with advancing the film from what i can tell. still it’s cute.

i shot before on some nikons (d300, d5000 and d90) that some friends own but as the creed says: there are many cameras but this Trip is mine. I’ve attached 2 photos of the camera and the submission photo.

the submission photo was shot in a Hungarian cemetery in Cluj-Napoca Romania last summer, probably midday (hence the harsh light and dark shadows). it’s a statue of a chained young man. i’m not sure if it was supposed to be a tomb stone or something else (i don’t know the story behind the statue). it was a very intriguing solitary thing against the aged background.


Antoine Fiala

Here’s my submission for the Win my Leica! contest.
It was shot with my Minolta AF-SV aslo known as the Minolta Talker. I found mine in a thrift shop for 3$ and used a roll of Kodak ultramax 400 (about 5$). This little thing features a 35mm f2.8 lens, runs on 2 AA batteries and the only control you have is flash on/off and manually set iso 25-1000. For some reason it often seem to underexpose by 1/2 or 2/3 of a stop.

I did put black tape over the flash and lettering to make it more discreet on the street.
picture background: I was walking downtown Quebec city doing a little solo photowalk with my QL17 until the shutter jammed on me. It was quite frustrating but at least I had the Minolta in my bag that day. So I switched to the AF-SV and kept walking, that’s when I arrived in front of that dead end street and saw the girl walking by, nothing too special but then I saw the bike coming from the side, I waited till he came in the frame and snapped. The 5$ walmart dev/scan turned out bad with a blue cast so I converted it to b/w.

af afsv street 12b


It’s the last day tomorrow, so if you are thinking of submitting, you are running out of time!

Cheers for reading


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