Lomography new black jack and cmyk diana F editions

NEWS: Lomography Brings Back Diana F+ Black Jack and CMYK Editions

Lomography has brought back two Diana F+ editions, the stark Black Jack and colorful CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key printer colors). Being known for its characterful vignetted images and experimental nature, the Diana F+ is a delightful medium format camera for anyone interested in an iconic design that offers a variety of creative shooting options.

Originally manufactured in the 1960s in Hong Kong, Lomography revived production of the Diana series in 2007. Not stopping at recreating the original plastic classic, they have brought the aesthetic to most analogue formats including 35mm, 120, 110, and instant as well.

If you need any convincing of the Diana F+ icon status, then read this interview Lomography published with photographer Mark Sink here. Sink speaks to his experience of living in New York City in the 1980s and photographing even the Pope on his Diana camera.

Lomography diana F sample images
Image courtesy of Lomography

Each Lomography edition comes with its unique story and vibe. Offering multiple cameras in various colors and designs gives photographers the chance to pick up something collectible that might not be offered again. Select the design that matches your personality or your outfit. With the latest editions, Black Jack will go with just about anything while CMYK stands out in the crowd like a lighthouse on a foggy day.

“Relive the swingin’ sixties and shoot dreamy, color-drenched analogue squares on 120 film with two revived editions of our classic Diana F+ camera.” – Lomography

Lomography new cmyk diana F edition lifestyle shot
Image courtesy of Lomography

Lomography new black jack edition lifestyle shot
Image courtesy of Lomography

“Introducing the jet-black Diana F+ Black Jack, a camera that takes inspiration from the heart-pounding thrill of the legendary card game. Just like a skilled gambler, this daring camera places all bets on capturing the most extraordinary moments of your life. With each click of the shutter, you’ll feel the exhilaration of taking a chance, as your images transform into a deck of winning memories, ready to be revealed.” – Lomography

Lomography new black jack diana F edition product shot
Image courtesy of Lomography

Specs on the Diana F+ include aperture selections of F8, F11, F16, and pinhole. That’s right, the Diana F+ can also shoot pinhole exposures! There are only two shutter speed options, 1/60 or Bulb (B) mode. The camera can perform multiple exposures and has a tripod mount. It takes one AA battery to power the flash. The flash also comes with multi-colored gels to get creative with lighting. Shoot 12 6×6 frames or 16 4×5 images with the Diana F+ mask inserts which are included.

Lomography diana F sample images
Image courtesy of Lomography

One special feature of the Diana F+ is that Lomography makes a glass lens for it, sold separately. The 75mm Diana glass lens adds sharpness to those typical dreamy images with its three coated elements. The lens can also be used on the Diana Instant Square camera as well, adding more versatility to your camera bag if you are also into instant photography.

Going a bit further into the Diana accessories, Lomography also makes an adapter for Nikon F and Canon EF mount shooters to be able to use the Diana lenses on these 35mm cameras for more creative effects.

Lomography diana F sample images
Image courtesy of Lomography

Both editions come with a flash included and retail at £79. Find the CMYK version here and the Black Jack here.

To shop the Diana camera range and accessories or find more information about the camera series, head over to Lomography’s website for it here.

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  1. David Dutchison

    That was my very first personal camera, got it in 1966 when I was 8. Interesting to learn that they make a glass triplet for it.

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