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LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant Film

NEWS: Lomography Introduces New Discounted LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant Edition

If you are looking for an experimental film to get stuck into in 2023, Lomography has released an edition of LomoChrome Purple called Pétillant. The film is discounted due to the potential feature of tiny black dots which may appear on some frames. The analogue company was in the process of producing the new “2021 …

NEWS: Lomography Introduces New Discounted LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant Edition Read More

LomoChrome Turquoise Simple Use Reloadable Camera

NEWS: LomoChrome Turquoise Joins the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Series from Lomography

Turquoise is now available within Lomography’s Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera series. Complete with flash and gels in addition to the topsy-turvy colors of LomoChrome Turquoise, this lightweight pre-loaded camera will get photographers unusual and interesting results.

Lomography’s Simple Use Reloadable Camera series has been around since 2017. The cameras are available pre-loaded with the options of LomoChrome Metropolis, Purple, Black and White, and Color Negative 35mm film. Now the family adds one more member, LomoChrome Turquoise!

DigitaLIZA lab tool

NEWS: Lomography Creates Free Film Scan Conversion Tool – The Lomo DigitaLIZA Lab

The Lomo DigitaLIZA Lab by Lomography is a new film scan inversion tool that is completely free! Simply upload images to the online site and convert any type of film scan in a few steps.

Film scans can be uploaded to the tool from any modern device, desktop or mobile. Images are inverted with the click of a button. The darkest and lightest points can then be set and the highlights and shadows can be adjusted. If you have a black-and-white image, you can turn off the color cast using the de-saturation button marked with the symbol of a flower. Finally, the image can be downloaded as a JPEG file.

Lomography LC-A Anniversary Editions

Lomography Turns 30 with New LC-A, LC-A+, and LC-Wide Anniversary Editions + More!

This month, Lomography turned 30. To celebrate, the experimental company known for breaking the ‘norm’ is releasing anniversary editions of three of their beloved cameras. The Lomo LC-A+, LC-Wide, and LC-A 120 cameras will be adorned with handcrafted leather skins and metal emblems exhibiting the celebratory design.

The anniversary editions of the Lomo LC-A+ (35mm), LC-Wide (35mm), and LC-A (120) will be available in very limited quantities retailing at £299, £399, and £449 respectively.

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