First photos (/Gifs) from the Konica AiBORG

I shot a whole roll with the Konica AiBORG the other day, though I actually only took 3 photos. The first you can see above. Which I’m actually more than impressed with in terms of quality. The second and third photos, or at least second and third compositions took up the rest of the roll…

One of the features of the AiBORG is an interval timer. This is a feature I’m not sure I’ve had on a film camera before. To be honest, I’m not sure how useful it is, but it does open up the possibility of making some animated GIFs. Now admittedly, these aren’t the most interesting compositions in the world, but they are at least a proof of concept… If such a thing was needed.

I shall be trying to come up with something slightly more interesting to capture in this way, but in the meanwhile, here is what I’ve come up with so far.

As you can see by the watermark at the bottom, I use the rather useful to make them.

This first one was taken at 15sec intervals. Connie was surprisingly unfused by the camera whilst I wasn’t looking through it.


This second one was taken out of my loft window with 1 minute intervals.


Cheers for looking…


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5 thoughts on “First photos (/Gifs) from the Konica AiBORG”

    1. He short story is yes, it’s heinous …
      There is a slightly longer story brewing in the form of the review I’m writing though, hence not giving too much away 🙂

  1. I too am impressed with the results. I googled the camera for further research but the images shown of the camera at first page instantly cooled me down.

  2. Odd camera -great results! I never try time-lapse features. though they look like fun. Tripod-averse when not in studio

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