NINM Lab new single use camera AURA

NINM Lab Releases New Generation in I’M-Fine Single-Use Camera Series

NINM Lab brings us their 4th generation single-use camera, AURA, which is preloaded with C-41 color 400 ISO film. The company’s philosophy is ‘if you are romantic enough’ and their I’M FINE single-use camera series is all about capturing emotions.

NINM Lab new single use camera AURA in white
Image courtesy of NINM Lab

NINM Lab says in their AURA release, ‘Consciously or not, everyone radiates some sort of aura, which will change and influence each other and produce an unexpected effect when two persons meet and build an intimate relationship. It is from such aura that AURA, the 4th-generation regular edition of I’M Fine single-use cameras, available in both black and white, draws its inspiration.’

Flower balloon photo taken with AURA Camera
Image courtesy of NINM Lab – Sample Image taken with AURA camera

The 27-exposure disposable can be used day and night since it comes with a built-in flash with a battery included. The built-in flash works from 1-3 meters away.

image of small camera on carpet floor taken with AURA camera
Image courtesy of NINM Lab – Sample Image of NINM Lab’s 35mm Reusable camera taken with AURA disposable camera

NINM Lab first released their I’M Fine single-use camera series in 2018. As each previous generation of cameras has sold out, they have continued to feed the demand in the market and create new generations of designs.

Disposable cameras are often associated with parties as they are fun, quick, and easy to use. NINM Labs says about campaigns involving the series, ‘We have had successful collaborations with various famous parties, including Russian Red, the Spanish singer-songwriter; Hong Kong’s Storerooms X TAKERU MACHIDA, Japanese artist; and Taiwanese Eslite Bookstore X SOU・SOU, Kyoto’s trendy brand.’

The camera is available in NINM’s online store here and in black or white versions. The retail price is HKD 155 which translates to approx. £16 GBP or $20 USD or $28 AUD. Worldwide shipping is available.

flowers on white sheet with window light
Image courtesy of NINM Lab – Sample Image taken with AURA camera

NINM Lab is a passionate company and this is evident through the language they use to describe their I’M FINE series. On why the cameras are named I’M Fine, NINM Lab says, ‘I’M Fine. This is an answer that can hide different emotions. When you give this answer, are you really fine or are you not well at all? Or is there something difficult to tell even if you are fine? Some emotions cannot be easily expressed, so let photos capture the mood of the moment. In moments when you are really fine, happy, traveling, at a party, or getting together with friends, you should capture these wonderful memories and unexpected surprises. When you are tired, you can reminisce about these moments, and then you will have the motivation to move forward.’

image of store window of cured meats
Image courtesy of NINM Lab – Sample Image taken with AURA camera

sunrise over the mountains beyond a large body of water
Image courtesy of NINM Lab – Sample Image taken with AURA camera

AURA is a new project in NINM Lab’s innovative offerings. They have also created a Bluetooth cassette player, a Bluetooth CD player, a 35mm reusable point-and-shoot camera, and even their own in-house film. There is even a product offered that can turn a rangefinder or SLR into an instant camera! If you want to learn more about NINM Lab, visit their website here.

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3 thoughts on “NINM Lab Releases New Generation in I’M-Fine Single-Use Camera Series”

  1. It does seem a shame that these companies are putting out disposable cameras when clearly reusable ones are also available.

    I can’t imagine that a reusable one, would cost anymore to produce than the disposable one.

    We all know that film photography gets criticised for being bad for the environment and this only adds to it.

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