A Pheasant Surprise (a One Shot Story)

This past spring I was in my study one day, desperately trying to bring a little cosmos to the prevailing chaos on my CD shelves. My study is situated to the rear of our  house and is facing towards a stretch of forest.

Setting CDs in alphabetical order occupies relatively small amount of brain capacity, so while my hands were making piles on my desk of artists beginning with A, artists beginning with B, etc., the rest of my mind was aimlessly wandering about.

Suddenly, an extremely LOUD, blood curdling, shriek from outside almost had me wet myself. After I managed to swallow my heart back where it belongs, I looked out the window. These two fellows were ruffling each other’s feathers, probably fuelled by some springtime hormone rush. They were apparently trying to impress a female pheasant, a little further away. The female looked, however, quite unimpressed, and was instead pecking some snack from the ground.

I grabbed my camera, took off the 28mm on it, and screwed on the 135. Through the window I managed this one shot, before the feathery duelists dashed off to the woods, letting out the one last, ear-splitting, cry.

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12 thoughts on “A Pheasant Surprise (a One Shot Story)”

  1. Lovely photo and writing, Jukka! I was just reorganizing some CDs myself… but with no similarly spectacular interruptions. Just curious… what camera were you using?


  2. Daniel Castelli

    You are a camera ninja! You had time to UNSCREW a lens, the SCREW a tele lens and get that shot? I’m assuming you have a camera with the M42 mount or a screw-mount classic Leica. Great shot!

    1. Thanks Daniel. I´m hardly a ninja of any sort! More like getting stiffer and stiffer by advanding years. Trying to fight it by cycling and attending to a gym regularly.

      This was shot with an Olympus OM2n, so I didn´t actually screw the lens on. A bit bad choice of words on my part. My camera happened to be just beside me, at the moment, so I was able to react quickly.

      1. Screwmount or not, you had the presence of mind to react instantly. Maybe a ‘senior’ ninja?
        You cycle, I walk…the key is to keep moving, take pictures, and I enjoy a neat bourbon once and awhile.

        1. Right you are, Daniel. I find excercise to be especially beneficial after 45 rounds around the Sun. For me, that mark was passed years ago… I´m also known to enjoy an occasional dash of whisk(e)y. I´m more of a Scotch drinker thou, but I do like Bulleit. Maker´s Mark is also to my liking.

    1. Thank you Paul. Lately, I´ve been toying with the idea of getting a cheap “every day carry camera”. Something, that takes decent pics, but would not get me crying, if I thrash it. I do not like to subject my “good gear” to everyday wear and tear.

  3. Great shot, Jukka. You are lucky to have had that camera and lens handy indeed. That goes to show that the best camera is the one you have in your hand, to freeze that precious moment.

    Thank you !

    1. Thank you, Julian. Yes, that shot truly had an element of luck involved in! I was half sure it would turn out blurry.

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