Author name: Jukka Reimola

5 Tri-X 400 test roll Frames, in an Olympus OM2n / my return to REAL photography

I used to be an avid (amateur) photographer back in those times when you either shot film, or drew/painted, to create images. Simple happy times those were… Then, around the turn of the century, digital imaging took over the photographic world like a tsunami. Sadly, film was the victim of the said flood. So badly so, that finding film in my home town became next to impossible somewhere around 2006, or so. Most camera shops gave up developing film rolls and those who didn’t, hoisted their prices ridiculously high. I took a long hard look at all the fancy new digital equipment, but found it quite unappealing. So, with a heavy heart, my camera gear was confined into the back of a closet in my study. End of story? Well, not quite…

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