Traveling Yashica shot by Jonas Lundström

The Traveling Yashica: Jonas Lundström in Gothenburg, Sweden

Finally, I present my roll from the Traveling Yashica! In retrospect I should have shot another roll because I didn’t feel like the two days I spent with actually shooting it wasn’t enough to get to know it. Either way, here it is. I used an expired roll of Fujifilm Sensia 400 because I thought I should be edgy and be the first to show cross processed shots from the camera. So excuse the not so exciting, grungy look and quite uninspiring shots. Here we go…

At first impression, I thought the camera was quite plasticy and soap-ish in the shape, I didn’t quite know what to do with it. Either way, after a couple of days I loaded it up and despite the initial feeling it felt better and better. The viewfinder was smallish but good, the waist level finder inspiring with possibilities. A try with the half pressing the shutter button accidentally fires it -Oops! Okay, go easy on this…

A few test shots on the tram and I was getting comfortable with it. Taking it up and putting it down in the pouch made me appreciate its smooth lines. Not too noisy either so street snaps felt A-OK.

Traveling Yashica shot by Jonas Lundström

So on to the testing! Flash in the dark, without flash in the dark, flash during the day, something back lit, close focus, aiming with the waist level finder and shooting against the sun.

Traveling Yashica shot by Jonas Lundström

Looking at the results the long exposures without flash feel pretty okay, the easy shutter keeps the shake minimal. Focus needs to be straight on to hit, or maybe it doesn’t have that many focus distances? I don’t know really. The close ups look really sharp and nice. Out of focus areas aren’t mouth watering creaminess but okay (or maybe it would’ve looked better with fresh film?).

Traveling Yashica shot by Jonas Lundström

So conclusion? I could use it as an everyday street shooter but it’s a bit too neutral in the look for me. Though if I got to try it again I’d definitely shoot black and white with it. The flash might be more enjoyable and a medium contrast lens like this would lend pretty well for all round shooting. Maybe I’ll put myself on the list again for another round? 😉 Either way, thanks to Hamish for making starting up and organizing this project. It’s encouraging to see that the camera is still travelling without getting lost – knock on wood!

Traveling Yashica shot by Jonas Lundström

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